I have a question

urm…I’m a writer (not published yet) and i’m working on my first book. My book has things to do with Religion in it. It’s a Childrens book, but the characters have bible stories read to them and they pray. Then i found out that some Bibles and Prayer books are copyrighted so i can not use the Prayers from my prayer book or quote the words of God from my Bible?

I was told that the King James Bible is not copyrighted, but is that not for the Church of England? thats what i read on Wikipedia, mine is a Catholic Bible.

I’m so sorry, you must all think me terribly stupid, but now i don’t know what to do, i never even thought that there could be any copyright issues with the Bible or my Prayer book.

Theres also a lot to do with the Saints in my book also. I read the copyright laws, but there complicated, i’m worried about doing something wrong. :frowning:

University PhD Student Here ~

I think as long as you give credit to the books you quote from at the end or the beginning of your book, there should be no problem. You could say something like, "All quotations from the Bible in this text are taken from The New American Bible (or whatever Bible it is) and give the date your Bible was published. If your book gets to the point where it will be published, a competent editor will make sure that you don’t break any copyright laws.

Write on! :thumbsup:

Thankyou very much! So you think it will be OK?

Yes, it will be ok. So keep writing:thumbsup:

I agree. Don’t worry about it now. It will get taken care of in the publication process. I’ve seen many books that include a little blurb at the front that “all Scripture references are from the NAB / RSV / NIV / etc. translation and are used by permission of the copyright owner.” The publisher will take care of those details.

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