I have a questions


Hi I am new here and I have a questions. The first one is how hard is the test to get your GED? I am studing to get my GED and wondered how hard the test is. and am I the only one that is having to get there GED? I feel so ashamed that I am having to get it.


Don’t feel ashamed! You are doing a great thing for yourself. I don’t have any info re: the test, but I hope it goes well! :slight_smile: Can you take a prep class or get a book to study from?


You came to the right place!

There are a lot of people who have passed the GED, some of them very famous. The ones that come to mind are Bill Cosby (who went on to earn a doctorate in education), Peter Jennings the news anchor, Michael J. Fox, Mary Lou Retton, and Peter Billingsly (Ralphie in “A Christmas Story”).

The GED depends on the state in which you reside.

Is it hard? My brother didn’t think so, except for the dreaded Illinois Constitution Test (obviously only a requirement in Illinois). Best you look through the information at ACE and see for yourself.


Check your local Tech school to see if they have GED classes. The one here does and the classes are free. The GED test is not free but the classes are.


One of my daughters got off to a rough start. When back on track, she took, and passed, the GED, went on to Community College, State College, and Grad school. She ended up with a Ph. D.


Hey, don’t feel bad about getting a GED–I got it!!! :slight_smile:

I highly recommend the Princeton Review book for the GED. I read it through a couple of days before taking the test and passed with flying colors. (I also used the Princeton Review books for the ACT and GRE and it helped me on those tests as well…they are the best review books I know of for standardized tests…and I’ve looked at a lot of them!)

Good luck! :thumbsup:

P.S. I went on to get my bachelor’s in engineering.


If you get the GED I would recommend then taking some courses at a Community College. I suspect prospective employers are more interested in a transcript than in a diploma. If you can show some college credits, no one is going to look very closely at your high school diploma. But a diploma with no transcript of courses taken may not be too impressive.


You can do this! :smiley: If you find yourself struggling to learn the necessary information, ask Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Joseph of Cupertino to pray to God to help you. Their earthly lives were incredibly remarkable and their intercession is powerful for students and test takers.

Saint Joseph of Cupertino is fast becoming a special helper and friend of mine. He was considered to be “slow” and a “dimwit” and had great difficulties learning to even read and write. But against all odds, through years of relentless effort and his trust in God, Saint Joseph was ordained a priest and lived a life of almost unbelievable holiness and grace.


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