I have a secret . . .


. . . . growing inside me! # 6 is on the way!!




How wonderful for you. Congratulations!


CONGRATS. That’s great news :slight_smile:


How wonderfull, congrats!:slight_smile:


Congratulations! :extrahappy: When are you due?

I think you’ve officially graduated from “LittleMother” to “Big League Mother” :smiley:




Good for you! Great news.


Fab-u-lous! Congrats!




LOL. I hadn’t even figured that out yet . . . . looks like October 9th 2008!


6! Big Gratz!



What a cool secret!! Congratulations and thanks for sharing!


Congratulations! I have my first baking in the oven right now :slight_smile: Our little blessing is due in August.



I want 6!!! Though that maybe because I’ve never changed a diaper.:smiley:


I love large families, this is amazing. God bless you, your husband and your kids, especially the newest one.


As an only child, I remember how I used to envy other kids who had siblings to play and interact with. Your family will have wonderful times growing up. LittleMother you have been blessed by God! Keep your patience handy!


Awesome!!! Congrats!!! And also welcome to CAF!!!


Congrats!! :smiley:


How exciting. my dw and I are expecting #4. No one we know in rl know yet. We are waiting until we go to the doc and can hear the heartbeat before we tell people. hopefully that will be this Friday.

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