I have a talent/gift for draughtsmanship. But I'm not interested in Art

I don’t really like Art. I see that I only liked Art because my Art teacher told me I should be one when I was six years old and it was mainly my ego talking, rather than my heart. I took pride in being told that I was a great drawer and it got to my head over the years. Now seeing that the advantages of being an artist aren’t exactly what I see as being perks, I don’t want it anymore. It just shows I never really had a passion for it.

It seems like I am more into globetrotting and international recognition and the high life than anything else. For some odd reason, it’s so darn important to me. I use this as a measure of self-worth. Not being famous to me means not worth much in life.

My drawing talents obviously mean nothing to me and I would rather live without them. I would be perfectly fine if I never had them.

So how do I pray that God takes them away? I don’t like Art for the right reasons and I have no interest in using them for the right reasons, but only what it could do for me.

If you don’t want to draw, don’t. It used to be regarded as a basic skill most people should have, useful to military officers and travelers as well as to artists. It is not a life sentence.

Everybody in the UK royal family is good at art, but they don’t do it for a living. Churchill was very good at landscapes and writing, but he had several successful careers in other things.

Your skills and talents are not your destiny. They are helpful abilities for whatever you choose to do, or things that stimulated your brain at certain points in time that may never be useful to you again.

I do know that a lot of people wish they could also draw, though: Computer programmers working on games, businesspeople working on presentations, or writers needing book covers. Without graphics skills, it is harder to communicate their vision, and they have to hire someone else and try to get stuff out of the artist. A lot of people would have worked harder on art if they had known they’d ever need the knowhow. You already have those helpful skills.

If you don’t wish to draw don’t. I would suggest however that you use this talent as a meditation practice or a therapeutic practice. I have a son who is a very talented artist and only uses this talent for pleasure, therapy, etc… He has designed several tattoos for friends and himself. He uses this talent to de-stress on some days as needed. To my knowledge he has never taken a nickel for anything he has drawn for anyone. I find this odd as he very money driven. Drawing is his sanctuary, therapy, and meditation. Be well.

The ability to draw well can be quite useful in science and engineering. An understanding of visual arts can also be useful in making effective presentations. Maybe you will value your draughtsmanship in your future career or calling, whatever that may be, but if not, there is no need to deny your talent or take it away.

In any case, I advise you not to pursue a career that you do not have some passion for. Keep looking. Try to discern your calling. I pray that the Holy Spirit may assist and guide you on your journey.

This, again. I basically said the same thing on your other thread, about pretty much the same topic.

I don’t know how old you are, or if you have a degree in art, but even if you do, it’s never to late to shift gears and reinvent yourself.

Can I suggest you get with an iconographer monk/nun and learn this? You could do much good and with none of the baggage.

How about being grateful for this talent? It can transferred to many different careers.
Even some that will make you money.
Lots of us excel at things for which no one will pay a decent wage.Your in particular can be transferred and used in many careers.

If you have a deep longing to live the high life and be famous, you are likely on a collision course with disappointment no matter what you do. The visual arts aren’t per se a ticket to that.

Find a spiritual advisor.


You may not even have any talent at all. Not many teachers of 6 yr olds are good judges of art ability or talent.

so you are insecure and lack an understanding of what makes life meaningful. I suggest you read the biographies of some of the saints. Fame is fleeting, and not worth much at all.

then don’t draw. No one says you MUST draw. I have a degree in art and draw very, very well. But I don’t draw.

a wise man once told me… be careful what you pray for. God could taking your ‘drawing talent’ away by having lose your eyesight, or maybe your hand, etc.

So thank God for all the gifts and blessing he has given you. Then offer all those gifts and blessing up to him for his glory and not your own. If he wants you to use those talents for his purposes, he’ll let you know.

and if you want a second opinion on your drawing talent, post a piece of your art here and I’ll give you an honest, educated, critique.

PS: the pic of the carousel horse in my signature is one of my childhood paintings.

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