I have a tough long addiction: Pornography


I have this addiction. An addiction I’ve had for maybe five years (I’m 17 y.o.). It’s pornography. To this day this addiction is still with me. I remember months ago I battled against it and stayed off of it for like 1 or 2 weeks. I was happy, but then temptation came back. I feel sick. To my friends they see me as a God loving person, but they don’t know about my deep dark secret.

I want this addiction to stop. I want to go to counseling or something! I really need help. I want to share Jesus the right way. I really really weak.

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You are in my prayers. (((Mark))) St. Augustine gave in to un-chaste behaviors during his life, try asking for his intercession on your behalf when you pray. He’s a heavy hitter in heaven!!! :slight_smile:



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