I have ambitions of the future, but what about God?

Hey everyone. I’m in high school and I pretty much got my future planned out. My dream is to live in a big city (London or New York City) and work as surgeon by day, but by night work as an entrepreneur and own my own accessory/ fashion/ cosmetics line. I want to be successful, and this is what my parents have instilled in me ever since I was a young child. As I began to go to church and youth groups, I began learning that success is not all what life is about and that living out God’s will is. Now, I’ve always wanted to be a surgeon and an entrepreneur, but I feel like I have other options in life. I’m getting the notion that I have the option of going to a nice Catholic university (Franciscan or St. John’s in NYC) and then living a simple, rather relaxed life having a large Catholic family, instead of going to a top university, living a life of success, while serving God at the same time. I feel like God is fine with whatever option I choose and he has a plan for either one, but it’s my choice to make. What should I do? What is the best option that I should take?

Aiming to be a success is not wrong–it’s why do you want to be a success? For money and all it can buy? Or so you can be the best surgeon/entrepreneur you can be so you can serve God and your fellow man to your fullest capacity? If it’s the former, then that is a problem because money alone cannot buy anyone true happiness. If it’s the latter option, then that’s fine–nothing wrong with it.

I do think you’ll find trying to have two full time careers will be too much to handle, though. It’s best to have one you want to pursue as a career and the other as a back-up or side interest. Anyone who has studied to be a surgeon and worked as one will tell you it’s a 24/7 job, not something you can drop for something else in the evenings. :slight_smile:

Surgeons are on-call 24/7. Just something to keep in mind.

Having been to St. John’s University (and met the Vincentians running it), I can say that you wouldn’t go wrong there; I’ve also heard very good things about Franciscan University.

Pray on it and see where God leads you (i.e. be open to the divine will).:thumbsup:

As a surgeon you would be helping people. As an entrepreneur you would be providing work to help them provide for their families. Both are honorable an in line with God’s teaching. Pray for Gods guidance in this!

Go live your dream! I’ve been taught that there’s nothing wrong in being successful, as long as you follow God and never lose your way spiritually, all the while just focusing on God and thanking Him for all the blessings that He has given you. I think God would be pleased if, by achieving success, you would be able to help other people and make the world a better place. Just pray, listen, do what’s right, and glorify God in everything you do. Trust in Him with all your might, and He will provide. :slight_smile:

What is the saying tell God what your going to do in the future, and He will have a good laugh.

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