I have been dubbed "Pope Luke" at school. Is this blasphemous/heretical/sacrilegious?

This is very random but I am curious.

Why have you been dubbed Pope Luke? Because you
are Catholic? Do you go to a public school?

I don’t think it would fall under any of those categories.


Remembering my goofy school days, I think it is just a goofy kid way of saying that you are a faithful Catholic. It might apply if you are known to pontificate:slightly_smiling_face:


It’s probably annoying to you. And it’s mean of them to do that.

But the word “pope” just means father.

The head of the Jesuits, is often referred to as the “black pope” because Jesuits wear black and he’s the “father.”

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My Evangelical friend at my work used to say the same thing to me. Pretty annoying but don’t get angry, let it go.

Just raise your hand, wave and nod.


There is not much you can do, but it does show that your faith is showing to others. When I was in high school (many decades ago), I was nicknamed by some as Jesus … which of course I am totally unworthy to be called by that name. And it seemed the more I objected, the more it was used. So I simply decided to ignore it… just smile, and always be nice.

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One of my (non-catholic) friends at school calls me Pope Greg, lol


Ahhhh, they’re probably just ribbing you in good natured fun. Usually you can tell when it’s not. Don’t taking it too seriously. If they’re your friends it shows you’re bonding. Good friends always poke at one another.

I would take it as a compliment. It very well may mean that they recognize your holiness and fidelity to the Church, and maybe, just maybe, they’re willing to listen to what you, and the Church, have to say. It doesn’t have a downside.


Be glad they’re not calling you much worse!


Perhaps they’re sedeconclavists who think they’ve elected you as Pope?



My friends used to tease me by calling me “Saint Salibi” and all I did was refusing to go out for chicken wings during Lent. :crazy_face::joy:


No, it isn’t blasphemy, but is it meant as a compliment? That would be unusual.
Un-complimentary name-calling among friends is pretty common, especially among school friends, but if it is unwelcome it is not nice. I wouldn’t say the choice of “Pope Luke” is particularly cruel or anything. (That’s in the low-hanging fruit or low-imagination category, frankly.)


Yes, there are a lot more things in life we’ll be worried about someday. This is nothing.


If you look up the definitions of blasphemy, heresy, and sacrilege, you will see that the answer to your question is “No, not even close.”


Pope just means “papa”. Take it as a compliment.


I would take it as a compliment, and to continue doing the same.

Next time, raise your hand over them and say, “Bless you my child.”


But you’re female, aren’t you?

I don’t mean that as any sort of put down, but a different experience.

Yes, I think between girls, such things are rarely complements. Among high school boys, however, it’s normal and can can be both complimentary and affectionate or even a way expressing respect in a way that they otherwise couldn’t without a social faux pas.

and, uhm, with all my kids past high school, and a grandchild approaching, I can kind of confirm that we never fully get past this . . :scream:

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