I have broken almost every commandment.

I have basically broken every commandment. I have to admit it so that I can be forgiven so here it goes:

  1. I am the Lord your God, you shall have no gods before me.
  • An explanation of this says if something has my time, attention, and affections, then it has my worship. So… that includes my family, friends, lovers, and pets… even other people’s pets. So I guess I am guilty of this one.
  1. Do not use the Lord’s name in vain.
  • I say OH MY GODDDDD all the time and if I stub my toe or if someone cuts me off on the road I scream JESUS!!!
  1. Keep holy the Sabbath.
  • I always do stuff on Sunday, which does not include Church.
  1. Honor thy Father and Mother.
  • I love my parents but I still lie to them, mainly about going to Church.
  1. Do not kill.
  • WELL I have never killed a person, but I have killed many spiders in my life. Oh and gnats… I hate those SOBs.
  1. Do not commit adultery.
  • Yup… I’ve had sex with two men who were married. One I didn’t know was married because he lied to me and it was a one night stand and the other I knew full well he was married and continued to have relations with him because his marriage was basically dead anyway. I’ve never been married either, so I have had sex with many men before marriage. I also have sex with myself regularly.
  1. Do not steal.
  • I have a couple books and CDs that I never gave back to people because, well, I forgot and they never asked for them back.
  1. Do not bear false witness against your neighbor.
  • Well I have lied a LOT, so there’s too many examples to write.
  1. Do not covet thy neighbors wife.
  • Well, I never was actively trying to get someone’s wife, although I do find women attractive and have sexual thoughts about them. So that’s two strikes against me. I haven’t had sex with a woman though… but I probably would given the chance.
  1. Do not covet thy neighbors goods.
  • I get jealous of other people’s stuff all the time. Their cute clothes, their gadgets and chochkies, their nice houses, and even some of their pets. I do not get jealous of their kids though… because I have zero desire to have children. That’s why I am on birth control, so I can have sex and not get pregnant. Oh wait… thats another strike against me since God is against birth control.

So now that I have outlined all of this, everything points me in the direction of Hell because not only have I broken commandments but I also don’t regret anything I have done. But…because I don’t believe in Hell, does that mean I am going to be ok?

No you are not “okay”. You are on the path to eternal damnation. If you die unrepentant and separated from God then you will go to hell. I will pray for you that you be converted and thus live.

Yours in Jesus and Mary,

Praying for you to turn your life around and go to confession.

This is pretty much a troll post, but I wonder what the people who mock the prospect of hell will think when they get to the place that’s prepared for them. Repent and amend your life. You reap what you sow.

Why do you ask? It sounds like you wouldn’t care anyway.

It amazes me how many people are eager to claim others are on the path to Hell, when even the CC says it does not know who is or isn’t actually IN Hell.

The Catholic Church does not claim to know who is going to hell and who isn’t.

Thank you. I feel so much better now that you’ve gotten that off your chest. Whew. Was it good for you, too? :rolleyes:

:hmmm: What do you think? How do you feel about it? Sometimes when we ask questions like yours it’s because we’re feeling angry and reckless. Are you feeling that way?

No, but the “CC” does know how someone goes to Hell, by committing mortal sin and not repenting. If the OP committed mortal sin and doesn’t repent before she dies, then she would go to Hell. The same is true of you. The same is true of me. None of us, of course, will know if she repents or not. And none of us really know what sins she committed with what level of culpability, but if her post is taken on face value, then she would be heading toward Hell (although she still has time to repent, which we need to pray she does).

Whether or not she “believes” in Hell is inconsequential to her final destiny (which I gather is her real question, if she even had one).

From your post, you don’t have to worry about believing in Hell, because Hell sure does believe in you and is most happy with its success. One does not have to believe in Hell for it to be real. I can not believe that gravity exists, but watch what happens if I step off of a 10 story building-next step eternity.

And are you supposed to be proud of that? Now No-one can say for sure whether you’ll end up in Hell, but it’s not a good thing to deliberately do all you can to go there.

But will it be in Heaven or Hell? :wink:

Thou shalt not kill does not apply to creatures having more than 4 limbs, so in that respect you are ok.

In fact, it applies only to willful murder of a human being.

On the other items, I don’t know you and won’t conjecture on your eternity; but get thee to confession; it does a spiritual body good!


I have not said anyone is in hell. But the Catholic faith tells us what will damn us to hell. And the original poster’s post is a map for the road to hell. I do not relish the original poster’s lifestyle or the road to damnation he is on. I pray that he will turn from his evil ways and embrace the holy Catholic religion without which no one can be saved. He came here and asked us a question. Who are you to jump on us when we provide the very answer our religion teaches us?

Yours in Jesus and Mary,

OP is female. Did you read the post?

Pretty much. Don’t feed the trolls, ladies and gentlemen.

Hoping for Purgatory, at least!

Yes I did read it. Swap the genders in my post and my point still stands.

Yours in Jesus and Mary,

very interesting/ what brings you to ask on the topic of ‘hell’’?’
i was young once; well stupid young me-i was drag racing with a buddy after work-on a by-pass straight of road-(n
I must of used up three gallon of gas with foot on the acclerator-i raced right in front, yes in front, of the state police post…this was near a shopping mall…

seems the best place to break the law-near the authority with arrest capacity…
/ i won by the way…big 8 cylinder engine in a chevy…i was young once back when gas was cheap;

i cannot repeat if challenges even to remember all 10 commandments-at least you thought it through-

well, what about for the sake of discussion… that there are rules that say’ do not’, as in do not go over 35 miles per hour/ but what about a gospel of DO’s…Oh that is a list-a to do list/

i can bee seen to race to drag-i might be seen to brag…

so a pat on the back for me for good works in the coincidental time and place, as it seems for what ever reason-homeless persons or transients always seem to find me -as i travel to stop at the local truck stop for gas; that means-others ignore the men-they don’t want money or ask for it-perhaps just to talk with some one ( as one man said he had walked for days and had no one to talk to)-as i am conveniently present-i respond with respect and that means to be amiable , you know? find out their first name-people have names, you see? ( count me one pat on the back, as a gospel of DO’s)

there were two men, the first did not have a bath for weeks-i offered a ride to the next exit-(number two-DO’s in a gospel of DO’s)
the second man-since it was christmas-i gave him a present of a pearl handle pocket knife, and the watch off my wrist, by appearance a Rolex (fake-but worked with a new battery); we talked about the people here at the busy truck stop; i said to the man, "you really don’t want to ask the people here even 'what time is it? ’ " which was true-seems it up set them to be asked that as if they don’t have time to talk to you and get angry if you did so; now to tally-3 DO’s in a gospel of DO’s…perhaps my own brilliance to be said to give myself a pat on the back is a bit much-actually, empathy and compassion means to ‘suffer with…’ you see? Hell is one topic on this forum-it’s the topic of living hells that bother me…
this in invitation to check out my other posts if these interest you, about the power of prayer and strength recieved through Divine love…thx

Surely, the bottom line is that if we chose to separate ourselves from God whilst on earth, we are also choosing to separate ourselves from Him for eternity, unless we repent, receive forgiveness and reconcile ourselves with Him?

Here on earth, even though we turn from Him, we are still blessed by God through His creation and His calling us Home to Him.

Purely as a train of thought, I temporarily laid aside the descriptions of hell in the Bible and wondered about eternal total separation from God and what could it entail? . My first thought was, that there would be no light (no sunshine) water, stars, clouds, flowers, plants or animals as all of those are part of God’s creation. There would be no love or mercy because God is divine mercy and love and the souls that separate from Him will chose to be separate from true love and mercy. At that point, I had to give up as I almost preferred the descriptions in the Bible. I could not bear to think of being without Him whether walking on this earth as it would be a living hell, or even worse, an eternity without Him as He is all that is good in this world.

On a final note, the OP in another post claims that

I also had an epiphany that we are all spiritual beings that have always existed and that our higher selves are God, basically meaning that God is not a seperate entity, rather, we ARE God. We are all facets of God having our own experiences of all creation. Source: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?p=11645862#post11645862

I put this in simply to highlight that the OP’s journey is going into areas that appear to be far from the Bible teachings and hopefully this may help more experienced posters to pray and offer more lovingly informative responses than I can manage.

PS. May God bless the OP and guide the OP’s feet back to the one true living God. I humbly ask this in the Lord Jesus’ name. Amen.

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