'I have come to proclaim the year of the Lord's favour'


Jesus said this in Nazereth.

Is the year of the Lord’s favour related to the Crucifixion and mercy for our sins.

Or the Lord’s favour for all Jesus miracles to cure blind , lepers, crippled

Or something else?




Thanks for posting this. I was move by the passage at the end where it says:
*Because the story indicates the principal orientation of the jubilee year
and warns us to be on guard against certain attitudes which are incompatible with the spirit of the Jubilee Year,
the tendency to be possessive and egoistic and to be small in mind and heart. *

Sort of reminds me of how people react to the Pope.

Thanks again.


Hi, Rose!

In the eschatological times, Jesus incarnation ushers in the year of Yahweh God’s Favor!

St. John the Baptist introduces Christ as the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world… Jesus as Isaiah’s Suffering Servant, Comes to both Replace man on the Cross and to deliver him from eternal damnation.

…Jesus, Incarnation, Ministry, Persecution, Suffering, Crucifixion, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension is that period which God’s Promise was set to bring forth: Jesus (God Saves) razes the ancient hold on man and brings him to God’s Presence.

…everything you’ve listed is part of that year of Favor!

Maran atha!



Thankyou all. For the great link, PaulfromIowa.
And your comments.

Is this how the tradition of Jubilee years began? I read there have been a couple last century that commemorated the Passion.

Reading the Gospels gets a person thinking.

So true pianoistclaire, and constantly surprising me.

Jcrighton, after watching The Greatest Story Ever Told, Charlton Heston was a great John the Baptist. Loved the way he was portrayed, especially with his arrest and martyrdom


I prefer Michael York. :smiley:


Hi, Rose!

…EWTN has been working with a few producers on some series and documentaries… perhaps it’s time that they engage the Greatest Story Ever Told as a weekly series… I can also see the Cristiada, St. Francis of Assisi, Rev. Archbishop Sheen, St. Teresa of Calcutta, and other such episodes of the Faith being portioned out in a weekly series; if a picture is worth 1000 words… could you imagine the Catholic portrayal of such events?

…I think there was a program/movie titled “Where Jesus Walked,” that would be astounding–like walking through the Gospels in Jesus’ sandals!

Maran atha!



James, what is the name of that movie?


Thats a great idea! . Aussie free to air tv ( 4 stations and their associates I think) has recently done A.D Empire and Kingdom as a series. And broadcast Exodus the movie. I hope a few more get a screening. Esp the Fatima movies this year. :innocent:


Jesus of Nazareth.


Good article. It is also interesting to notice that when Jesus declared the Jubilee in AD 27, it was thirty Jubilee cycles (of 49 years) from the date that the Jubilee calendar began. (Exodus 12:2,17)

Likewise, it was three ‘grand’ Jubilee cycles (490 years) from the date that the Jubilee calendar began. (Daniel 9:24) Here is a link about it.


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