I have decided to return to the Church

I’ve made my choice… I have decided to return to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church… I will be faithful to the Holy Father and to the Magisterium.


In Jesus of Nazareth and thus in his Church is ~ * true life*!

Deo grátias. May God bless you.


God bless you on your journey home!

I have never left the Church, and I have never left Zelda games out of my life (playing Majora’s Mask 3DS now), and I’ve not had a moment’s regret in my life. Welcome.

God bless you for choosing to welcome His graces to draw you back to the Sacraments!
May God keep you strong and faithful and a growing witness of His love and goodness!

Best wishes,

Welcome home & Praise The Lord.

Wow! Three days ago you told us about your engagement and wrote, “at the end, I must follow my conscience, and my conscience tells me that the Church got it wrong.”

I’m so interested to hear…what happened and what thought processes did you experience in the last two days?

This must mean you have broken your wedding engagement with “the most loving man on the planet” that you told us about.

Does he support you in your decision?


Thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ! Blessings to you,



Awesome! May God bless you.
This makes me feel the encouragement to return to the Catholic church.

Congrats on returning! I am sad for you though, realizing that you have made the choice to give up on your true love - Im not sure I wouldnhave had the courage to make the same decision. I’m praying for you and your former fiance to find happiness and love as friends. God bless you and keep you.:slight_smile:

God bless you.
you don’t have to share details of your personal life.
Suffice it to say that I hope you are greatly blessed and find true love, if you haven’t already.

Welcome home.


Let me be clear though, I haven’t formally given him up, at most, I may abstain from sexual intercourse, but I can’t break up with him at this juncture. It would complicate matters greatly, and I do love him.

He is emotionally unstable, as is a lot of his family. He recently attempted suicide, and is suffering from deep depression.

I am reminded of what Fr. Jan Visser, C.Ss.R. said in an interview in L’Europa, January 30, 1976:

“When one is dealing with people who are so deeply homosexual that they will be in serious personal and perhaps social trouble unless they attain a steady partnership within their homosexual lives, one can recommend them to seek such a partnership, and one accepts this relationship as the best they can do in their present situation.”

Be assured of our prayers.

I must ask: is my remaining in this relationship condemning me? Though I may abstain from sex?

If anything, you are to be commended for not abandoning him and remaining his friend.
Welcome back to the church.

I had to read your reply about 5 times before I realized it said “commended” and not “condemned” xD

Welcome home. :slight_smile:

Welcome home!!!:extrahappy:

You and your fiance are in my prayers.

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