“I Have Decided…”


JULY 11, 2016
According to my Monday afternoon tradition, I finished up planning our Bible study for our residents just a little bit ago.

One of my preparatory activities included getting song lyrics ready; I like to incorporate spiritual songs into the weekly lessons.

I know it’s outdated, but we received an overhead projector several months back. Some of our residents have really found it helpful as I can display the citations and page numbers for the scripture readings they are to look up.

I’ve also discovered that song lyrics can be neatly projected there also, which works very well. Our residents are even learning new songs. Our cop machine/printer has the capacity to print on transparencies, so I made a new one this afternoon with some songs I want to be able to use again and again.

One of these is: “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus.” We have actually used it a couple of times in recent weeks, as the gospel readings have gone well with it. I thought it would make it easier and encourage participation if I printing the lyrics for everyone to see plainly.

In preparing this article, I did a little research about this folk-song, making discoveries I never imagined. I learned that the words were from an Indian (Asian) Christian as he was dying for his faith in the mid-1800s. This knowledge certainly adds to the potency of the song which I learned back in high school when helping with religious ed.

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I’m an Indian Catholic, but was never aware of that song’s origins! Thank you for sharing this. :thumbsup::thumbsup: (It used to be quite popular when I was a boy attending a Salesian school, but I don’t hear it much at Mass these days. :()


Your Bible study sounds wonderful and you obviously put a lot of time and planning into it.
I hope you are abundantly blessed for the work you do for your residents.


Thank you.

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