I have few Catholic friends


Okay, I don’t know if this is the forum for this or not.

I’m a convert, 43, and unmarried, with no great interest in getting married. I have a few Catholic friends, but most of them live in other cities. The majority of my friends are not Catholic, some are vehemently anti-Catholic (more on that in another post), and some aren’t religious at all.

I’m not a big “joiner” and don’t especially like meetings–I just don’t like sitting still very long and having other people lecturing to me.
Usually no matter what I’m doing I’m looking at the clock wondering when that activity will end and I can do something else.

I’ve fallen into the habit of being fairly solitary and anti-social the last 15 years or so. I don’t drive and I live in a remote part of my town, so getting anywhere is always a lot of trouble.

Most of my friends are about a decade younger than me. I don’t enjoy the company of middle-aged people; I don’t feel like I have anything in common with them, especially because I’m so far behind them career-wise and finance-wise. Younger people tend to talk more about the things that interest me.

Now, having said all this I need to add that I find it strange that I don’t have many Catholic friends. Should I go look for some or continue on my solitary way? And where would a person in my odd demographic find Catholic friends?

I think what makes me ask this is I often am sent religious mass e-mails which tell me to pass them on to other friends. And I realize I have few Christian friends who would appreciate such e-mail.


May God’s peace, love and mercy be with you!

As Catholics, it is important for us to know our faith, in that way we can educate people who have misconceptions about our faith so they will know the Truth.

By participating in the your Catholic parish activities and ministries, you will meet Catholics from all age range that are devout, loving, positive, humble and unselfish in their attitude. Maybe you can join the young adults group or if there is none, you may want to ask your parish priest about starting one.

Have you prayed about what vocation God has called you to, whether to be married, single or religious vocation? It is in responding to that call that we find true peace, happiness and contentment.

In order to live that life of holiness, a life of love, of which all of us are called to, it is important for us to receive the sacraments of confession and Holy Eucharist frequently. Doing daily spiritual reading and praying daily are very helpful in our journey to draw closer to God.

Remember, you are never alone. Jesus, Our Good Lord is with you all the time and He loves you dearly and has a plan for you. Just open up your heart to Him, to His holy will and tell Him constantly “Lord Jesus, not my will but Yours be done”.

Always persevere and never give up. God bless!

Blessed be Jesus and Mary!


I’m in a similar situation. I’m unmarried, but have three nearly grown children still at home. It really is hard to meet people my own age because most of them are married and have families. I converted 4 years ago. My natural tendency is to be shy, so it’s easy to withdraw.

Recently, I decided to force myself to get involved in my parish. My first step was to join the softball team, although I’ve never played softball, I do enjoy participating in sports. I’m also getting involved in raising funds to send my daughter to World Youth Day 08.

I guess the first step for you would be to find something that you like doing at your parish, not something that you feel obligated to do, and you will naturally meet new friends at the parish.


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