I have just spoken to the Rector of the Seminary I wish to enter and


It’s done, he has got a recommendation that I enter Seminary September 2012 from my Spiritual director and the Superior of the Order in England, and he says when he receives my papers he will apply for dispensation from the time period that I usually have to be Catholic, to allow me to enter Seminary. I wish to thank you all for your prayers, and in 8 years time, I hope that those of you that can will attend my Ordination in the States :wink:


Congrats!!!!! We're all very happy for you! :D


Thanks be to God.
And that YOU for taking this courageous step! May God bless you every day.


I said a little prayer for you! :blessyou:


That is so awesome! Congrats!


May God bless you in your discernment and formation!


I'm proud of you for having the courage to answer the call. May God bless you on your journey.




Thank you for answering yes to the call.


Congratulations! :D:D:D

I am sure that the Lord is happy for you saying yes!


Congratulations! I am sure you will make a fine priest. Thanks for your vocation; and thank the Lord that He is still working in our lives.


Thank you all for your congratulations, thoughts and prayers!

I keep you all in my prayers, and i will keep you updated, I shall know by May 2012 if I can be dispensed and enter Seminary.

May the Lord our God bless you all, and guide you fruitfully to do his Holy Will.

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