I have many questions about nuns


I have so many questions about nuns, some I ask may, seem like I’m crazy so please don’t think that. So anyways, I was in the library the other day at my school, looking through the religious section & I found a book in there about a nuns secret life, which was quite disgusting. It was about nuns that smoked, swore, & were sexual. I just wanted to know if any of that is true or if it’s all just written down to make nuns look bad? I also have other questions like, how do you know if God is truely calling you to be a nun or if it’s just your imagination; or will God get mad at you if go to college & get experience before you become a nun; or I’m too scared to tell people I might want to become a nun for fear of being laughed at, what should I do; & lastly do nuns have fun enough if the do have a strict schedual? So that’s all the questions I have for now.
Thanks for the help & advice, Bye! :slight_smile:


Dear Rebekah45,

There are certain communities of nuns/sisters that sadly have taken a turn for the worse. Some have decided to interpret religious life in a way that is not consistent with the Church’s tradition of religious life. Even then, the behavior you described would not be the norm.

You know if God is calling you to religious life through a process called “Discernment.” How does one discern if they are being called? An inclination that this might be a life for you, an attraction to it, a consistent inner sense that this is where God wants you, the idea makes you joyful. Meeting with a spiritual director who can help you weed through all of the voices inside, pulling in different directions. Moreover, prayer is the most essential element to discerning one’s vocation. Mass, rosary, spiritual reading, spending time quietly before the Blessed Sacrament.

As for fun, it would depend on the community. Some communities take trips and have regular outings, evenings of entertainment, creative activities, periods of daily recreation, some encourage regular exercise, some are very active orders where you would be heavily engaged in secular activities. Most sisters enjoy a good laugh. Every community is different and there are many different types of nuns.

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed. If this is something God is calling you to, you’ll only be happy accepting that call and He will give you everything necessary to respond.

Here is a great site with listings of many communities:

womenreligiousorders.blogspot.com/ **Note: When you get to the bottom of each page, click “older posts” to move to the next page.

+God’s blessings to you!


You can still have a career as a nun too. I'm a student nurse and I have seen several nuns who work as qualified nurses - their wages go to their nunnery.


There are more women in Religious Life than there are men in the Religious Life and the Priesthood combined.

Of course there are those who are less than perfect; ask this -- were we perfect; would we need to say in the Lords Prayer "forgive us our sins"; would we need to have the Sacrament of Reconcilliation (confession); would we need to say in the Hail Mary "pray for us sinners".

All of us; even the most saintly; are imperfect.

Next; there is a difference between "Sisters" and "Nuns"; in the same way as there is a difference between "Brothers" and "Monks".

Generally speaking; "Nuns" and "Monks" live in a "cloistered" monestary; where they dedicate their lives to prayer and contemplation.

Wheras; "Sisters" and "Brothers" live in community with others; but are usually engaged in ministry outside of their community; ranging from being Nurses; Teachers and Doctors to being Scholars; Preachers and Academics.

Most people in the "Religious Life" take vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. This means that they live without any of their own possessions (some orders allow people to own books etc; others are more strict); they also live a Chaste life - not pursuing relationships of a lustful kind; and they vow obedience to their superiors.

That said; many "Sisters" or "Nuns" can have fun; but it comes from the enjoyment of living the Gospel; as aversed to driving fast cars and going partying!



Hello Rebekah,
I’d stay away from books like that. I can’t speak for every community but I do live with nuns everyday and have never seen them swear, smoke or engage in sexual behavior. And trust me, it would be pretty hard to hide those kind of things around here.

The very fact that you are thinking about religious life can be a sign that you are called to it. The best way to know what God is calling you to is to develop a relationship with him. Prayer and adoration, works of charity, getting involved with a good group of faithful Catholics, talking to your spiritual director or confessor and of course participating regularly in the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Confession. These are what will help you the most I think.

There are some good resources on discernment out there. (Discernment is sorting through the messages or thoughts you get to determine who they are coming from: yourself, God, the devil…) you could visit the CMSWR website or the Institute on Religious Life website for more info. Or www.foryourvocation.org is a good one too.

May God bless and guide you.


Dear Rebekah, Peace!

It is good to ask questions... certainly books like that, tend to denigrate the holiness of religious life. It is true nobody is perfect, but I would say, most of the sisters strive to it.

For your discernment about a possible call, first it is important to pray, second to find a good spiritual director, third, to explore some communities asking God to show you if this is what He wants of you.

And... of course God won't be mad if you go to college, all the opposite: it is a good opportunity to continue to discern your possible call.

I invite you to visit our webiste: capuchinpoorclares.org/english.html


We will pray for you as well.




I’m Sr Leocadia SASD. I’m 27 and joined my order when I was 18. My order is strict and old-fashioned, but I love it dearly. Some people who don’t understand why women become nuns do sometimes write things that are incorrect and some things that are just not true. If you want to know about nuns then you should ask them, which is the right thing to do and what you have done.:slight_smile:

I knew I would be a nun from when I was very young so to me it was just part of my life and I didn’t care who knew it and who laughed. In fact, most people were very respectful when they found out about it and those who made fun of me soon saw that it didn’t make a difference to me if I was teased, so they shut up.

I loved my time in the Motherhouse. I wouldn’t say it was “fun” but I really enjoyed it, even all the difficulties I had with learning a new language and coping with being a long way from my family.

If you want to ask anything else, please send me a message through this website and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.


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