I have never heard my husband pray aloud?


I am married to a non catholic and have been for 35 years. In all of those many years he will not pray aloud. Not even at the dinner table. I have tried to engage him in conversation about it but he just says you do fine. He goes to church with me however it is troubling me more and more. Any suggestions?


Not everyone is comfortable praying out loud. Why, exactly, is it bothering you so much?


I was thinking the same thing. Praying out loud is not a necessity. And why does his going to church WITH you , bother you? I am a bit confused. :shrug:


I wonder if you don’t pray out loud in a family setting (our with your spouse) if your really know how to get past the memorized prayer.

Just a thought.


one’s spirituality, outside the public prayer of the Church, is a private thing, just as is the condition of one’s soul, and not a topic for conversation and discussion unless that confidence is freely given. yes, that is a characteristic of some men and some women too. and it would be great if married couples could pray together but if you can’t at this time, I doubt if nagging will be profitably. some people get to the stage where praying out loud, or in groups (outside Mass) is simply not efficacious. for instance, reciting the rosary the way it is done here in a group, setting speed records, does absolutely nothing for me, so I avoid it unless I can’t get out of it, like a funeral. all prayer does not have to be spoken. mental prayer is a worthy habit endorsed by all the saints.


I understand what you are all saying but when we pray at night together and I read apassage from the bible and then pary aloud an inpromptu prayer I would just thing he would have a special intention he would like to ask for and yes maybe he does to himself. When we decided to do this I thought it was ajoint decision. I don’t feel I nag him Father said I should encourage him to join together as a couple and pray. He is a good man but our grown children wonder why he won’t say the blessing at family dinners as the head of the family. They don’t bring it up to him but they do to me. :slight_smile:


I am thrilled he goes to church with me if I said anything different it is a typo. We pray at the dinner table as a family and have been since our children were little. That is how they learn. Also the only other prayer we do aloud is in bed at night and as I said that was a joint decision by reading a passage from the bible and an impromptu prayer. It bothers me because he wanted to do it but after much time doesn’t really join in. May be I am being to picky.:slight_smile:


I can understand why you want him to “speak up,” but as previous posters mentioned, some people just aren’t comfortable praying aloud with others around. My DH won’t say grace, but always waits for me to. I think the fact that he wants to pray with you before bed is wonderful and you should keep going. I’m sure your example and prayers are helping him grow closer to our Lord. Maybe someday he’ll be comfortable praying aloud, but even if he’s not, the fact that he is praying with you is great. :thumbsup:


thankyou for your kindness and understanding. Maybe that is what I needed to hear that it is helping. I want us to draw closer to God as a couple. I appreciate you words and encouragement. God bless you.:wink: Sometimes all we need is assurance we are on the right track.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: :wink:


You are. Kinda kidding.

I think the real thing is you want him to be like you. But you didn’t marry you. You married him.

It sounds like your marriage is well. That is probably his best prayer he makes every day. Continue to look for his silent prayers. They are there.


I would like him to take a lead in our spiritual life once in a while. I struggle everyday to be a better christian as we all do but if he does not feel that is something he can do right now that is okay. I love him very much and we will just continue as we are and praying privately as we all do I am sure. I just wanted to hear alittle input. I thankyou you all. God Bless


It looks to me that he greatly values the leadership you are providing. Sometimes the rock falls heavier on some. But you seem very up to it. Carry on. :thumbsup:


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