I have No Problem with Priests

I actually like priests and going to church. Listening to people voice their religious opinions just annoys me. May sound weird, but it always sounds FAKE to me. I have one close friend that talks about religion who I actually believe. I understand the church should be challenged and is not always right. When it did it get so [edited] political? If you are conservative = you are evil. If you are liberal= you are evil. Everyone has an idea which sin is supposedly better or worse than others. I CAN NOT STAND HOW QUICKLY PEOPLE LABEL OTHERS JUDGMENTAL. [edited] People can HAVE AN OPINION. The whole preaching about “love” sounds so CHEESY TO ME. People are always debating who Jesus and God are. It after while gets confusing. If I am conservative, I need to get with the program, I am judgmental Pharisee of course Jesus would have nothing to do with the likes of me. If am liberal, it is a problem. [edited] Can’t people leave preaching, biblical interpretation to the priests.

There are so many different interpretations of who and what God is. I have listened too many, they often contradict. I feel guilty for doing what person’s interpretation say it correct because another person’s says that is not how God is. I am waiting till the end to see the truth of Catholic church. I have listened to many different denominations on Jesus and different personal opinions. It is driving me nuts.

There are many, many people in this world for whom politics is their religion. Our system is so broken, I don’t understand how any Catholic could, in good conscience, rigidly align themselves with either political party. At best, one is choosing the least of two evils. However, some people are completely blind to anything their party says or does and fiercely justify it no matter how obviously it conflicts with Catholic teaching.

First, please leave out the expletives.
Second, either you believe or you don’t.
I personally believe that the Catholic Church and its Sacraments and teaching will help me get to heaven. Others may disagree.
I think the Catholic Church is pretty clear on who God is, what happens when we die, and that this world is not the only thing we should concern ourselves with. I don’t see much debate in the Church. Read the Catechism. It’s pretty clearly laid out in layman’s terms.
I’m not sure what has set you off, but God’s love is not cheesey.
Neither is talking or preaching about it. Frankly, I don’t think it can be voiced enough.
Most of the problems of this world can be traced back to a lack of love, tolerance, and compassion.

Cratus, you sure had a lot to say! A lot of things bother you, which you pointed out in detail. In fact, it all bugs you so much it’s driving you nuts, as you say.

I learned this in AA, going on 14 years sober :). : When you fingerpoint, three fingers are pointing back at yourself. Maybe these things bug you so much because you dislike these qualities in yourself. If this statement is false, you won’t care and you’ll ignore it. If it irritates you, it’s likely true. I hope you can resolve these troubling feelings and find something to believe in with all your heart, find the love and peace Jesus brings, and ignore the rest.

I never discuss politics unless I’m dragged into it, and if I am dragged in I get out as soon as possible. The negativity involved in people labeling each other is something I do my best to avoid. Sometimes it’s like walking a tightrope since my friends include liberals as well as conservatives.

However, I love talking with people about God, Christ, and other aspects of faith. Mainly, living out one’s faith day by day. Such discussions are very meaningful to me. I meet with a group of women for a Bible study regularly and enjoy the discussions inspired by whatever study books/videos we’re using. They’re all about our faith and applying it, and they avoid anything remotely political.

I recommend you find a group to study and share with.

Don’t let it drive you crazy. Just have a beer. I knew a priest who gave retreats. He did not like to argue about religion, and he wouldn’t. If someone wanted to argue about religion he would say, “Come on, have a beer with me. But no religious arguments!”

church should be challenged and is not always right

no! the teaching of our holy catholic church is ALWAYS right and is never subject to challenge

Clare, so you need not be told again…it’s…CHEEZEY!

Cheezey is a legend. In the minds of caf members anyway…:wink:

There is wisdom in your post.

I have found that I dislike most the people who are most like myself. Monks taught me that the things which irritate me most are things I need to pay attention to.


What do you mean?

There is a religious understanding of liberal vs. conservative.

That is:

Liberal/anti-dogmatic vs. Catholic/dogmatic

The Liberal/anti-dogmatic faction has essentially taken over Western Culture to the point where it is purely orthodox. IOW, being Catholic/dogmatic is akin to being a bigotted and narrow minded extremist.

The liberals don’t believe in objective Truth, nor do they believe ANYONE can possess this non-existent “Truth.” For them, EVERYTHING is subjective. Your opinion vs. my opinion.

That is why EVERYONE is so confused today. It is also why the Supreme court is on the verge of declaring that anyone who doesn’t accept gay marriage is a bigotted, close-minded, extremist. (rather like the right to life extremists.)

Everyone is supposed to be OK with everything that doesn’t DIRECTLY, IMMEDIATELY AND EMPIRICALLY affect you in the negative. There are no philosophical “truths” or categories. Everything is an individual particle of self-sufficient truth, which means your truth is ONLY yours and no one else’s.

You might say that the so-called ‘liberals’ are not true liberals at all. :cool:

That’s what so ironic about liberals! :wink: They’re so dogmatic about the relativity of truth and intolerant of any dogmatic principle! :shrug:

I like your comments very much :thumbsup:

Blessed are the cheesemakers.

Yes. Verily. I believe there’s something about separating the curds from the whey…

But I digress,
sorry folks, back to the OP.

Well, which ever one is bad…that’s me!

I just mean that what bothers you so much in other people might be qualities you don’t like in yourself.

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