I have receieved from a Poor Clare Nun

She sent me in the mail a medal of Saint Clare which I happily wear around my neck, close to my heart. Was there a paticular reason she would send this gift?

I think the answer to that question is to be found through prayer, not through an internet forum.

Unless of course the nun in question happens to post on these forums!

It’s actually a fairly common practice. I received one from a community I was very strongly attracted to because of my great affection for their patron. I still have the medallion.

Sometimes they will include saints’ relics in correspondence.

Just depends on what the Spirit leads them to send.


A good Poor Clare nun sending you a medal of St Clare? Makes sense. You’re blessed to be in contact with a good and holy nun, pray for her! And, I think she may have sent this to you as a sign of God. Are you called to the religious life?

Or maybe St Clare wants your attention.

I am called to religious life. I asked this question to get other peoples thoughts and opinions. Yours are good. Thank you for your thoughts & God bless!

I am not sure how you came in contact with this particular Nun, however it is not uncommon to enclose a Holy Card or Prayer Card or Medal in correspondence… especially if someone has voiced an interest in a vocation. Or of course she may have just been moved by the Holy Spirit???

Blessings and Good Luck on your Discernment.

Sr. Debbie O.S.C.

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