I have saved 247 babies from abortion


I tell you this in the spirit of St. Paul……I will honour my ministry, If, by any means, I may provoke to emulation them who are my flesh, and may save some of them. Romans 11:13-14

I have witnessed somewhere round 40,000 abortive women drive into the abortion clinic. About 1,000 actually stopped and talked to me on the sidewalk when I asked them (they park about 30 yards from me or behind a big hedge). Out of those 1,000 who talked to me 247 saved their baby.

I have been beaten unconscious ($10,000 medical bill), arrested, guns drawn on me, people trying to run me over, car windows smashed out, assaulted too many times to count and my employment was threatened. (Important note: these thing happened because I was alone on the sidewalk. When there are other people it is safe and the police will protect you).

I am Godfather to 6 of the baby’s I saved from abortion who were baptized into the Catholic Church.

I have absolutely no special abilities, training or talents. Anybody can do it.

My prayer is that some of you will join in witnessing at the abortion clinic in this most important work.


God bless you and may your example stir others hearts to do the same to protect the unborn.


If only I had such strength and courage.


Great work.

I would come across as too judgmental I feel, I may be able to stay calm when talking hypothetically but when there is an actual baby I’m not sure I could refrain from using strong language.


I don’t think the OP means to brag, but rather exhort.

St. Paul talks about his similar experiences in 2 Corinthians 11 22-26…


I understand completely. Jesus despised going to the cross…

Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. Heb 12:2

I despise going to the abortion clinic but we do it for “the joy set before us”. Maybe you could just blank out you mind one day and start by just sitting in your car in front of the clinic for a couple days until you get the feel for it.



Completely understandable. I suggest making up a sign that says “THOU SHALL NOT KILL” and that lets God do the talking for you.



If you’re trying to recruit parishioners, you might want to leave that part out of the Bulletin Announcement. :sunglasses:


You are a true spiritual hero. Thanks for sharing your story and ministry. I’m sorry for your sufferings and rejoice w your success.
God bless you continually
In Christ’s Love
I’ll think about it, by the way. Life’s a little complicated for me.


I lack the courage, the strength and the physical capacity to endure the kind of maltreatment you describe. I lack also the talents to be persuasive enough.
What I can do is pray for the unborn, that they be saved from abortion. Thank you for encouraging me to do that.
May God bless your efforts and reward you richly.


God Bless.i wish and prays many take your example given an opportunity to do so and the strength and the courage to to do the will of God in such cases .All of us should do the same,whomever we come across in our contacts,either at the Church, neighborhood or strangers, workplace,anyone who seeks advice for abortions,we should convince them not to do so, give them love, counsel and or at least send then to a pro-lifer or a Nun who are well aware of such situations.

Jude 20 But you, beloved, build yourselves up on your most holy faith; pray in the Holy Spirit; 21 keep yourselves in the love of God; look forward to the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to[n] eternal life. 22 And have mercy on some who are wavering; 23 save others by snatching them out of the fire; and have mercy on still others with fear, hating even the tunic defiled by their bodies.


I find this very, very difficult to believe. I know a bit about marketing and communications. You are claiming a 25%+ success in persuading people who have made a firm commitment to take a particular action to reverse their position. Can I give you a job? I will if you can produce some evidence for your claims.


ya not sure i believe this either


But have they made a firm commitment? Perhaps they have felt pressurised into making a decision that they really don’t want to make but feel they have no other choice? Perhaps people like Chris represent a lifeboat that these women see and grab onto?


If that were so it would be an extraordinary finding which would change forever the understanding of decision-making about abortion. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.


So are you arguing that no (or almost no) women feel pressurised to have an abortion by their partner (or parents) or because they feel that due to their economic situation they have no other option?


You may have misunderstood my numbers. Out of 40,000 I have saved 247 which is a horribly low percentage. The 1,000 that stopped to talk to me they must have had some stir of heart that abortion is wrong or responded to my offers of help. Even then 3/4 of them still had the abortion. If anything my numbers are embarrassingly and heartbreakingly low.

I hope you find it in your heart to save babies from being murdered and mothers from committing murder.


Yes. I was alone for 3 years in an isolated area at a very busy abortion clinic six days a week and I am vocal. Most situations are not like this. With other people around everyone will be safe.


Do you have any evidence of this?


I understand it does seem incredible, I wonder at it myself. As I said I was alone when these things happened. I have my $10,000 medical bills, my bloody shirt, lots of pictures of saved mothers and babies and Baptisms, police reports of my assaults and things like that. I cannot produce any testimonies since I was alone.

I understand very well what a monumental liar I would be if this were untrue and would be severely punished by God.

I will go even further with a few more incidents. God performed two “biblical” type miracles for me at the abortion clinic. Another time I saved the same woman from abortion three times (Saturday,Tuesday and Thursday). I saved another woman from abortion with one word. The abortionist came to visit me every week while I was working at the grocery store. I could go on and on but I assure you that no prolifeer nor any Catholic would say these things if not true.

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