I have saved 247 babies from abortion


I mean, it’s not like lying on the Internet will gain you anything, other than a swollen head and inflated ego…


We are supposed to be impressed?

We are but it’s wise to be skeptical of unverified claims especially from troll masters.


When I was in college and without health insurance I used to go to the local PP for my annual exams. It was the only place I could afford. Those folks on the sidewalks used to hound me every time. I wasn’t even pregnant! Did matter to them. They didn’t believe me when I told them. It was an extremely unpleasant experience.

With the history of breast and cervical cancer in my family I was not going to skip my visits, but as a result of those experiences I vowed to never be one of those folks on the sidewalk.

More often than not, the people who are there are poor folks trying to get life saving healthcare not abortion.

The numbers you claim are totally unbelievable. Totally.


Could it be possible to save 247 (or more) babies without getting beaten, arrested, run down, your car smashed, your job threatened and being at the center of such unpleasant events?

I know a great number of people who volunteer for Pro-Life activities without such an experience. One reason is that they protest within the confines of the law and social appropriateness. Calmness, respect, decorum can perhaps accomplish more than anger, aggression and annoyance.

Those who yell, curse, judge, shame and obstruct or engage in or provoke others to violence make themselves a public nuisance and bring much dishonor to the cause.


Where on earth are you protesting bro?


Ummmm, in any event…
If one life is saved then a presence at a clinic is worthwhile. One human life. Just one.
I know that lives have been saved outside abortion clinics by the steady presence of rescuers.

For those asking for proof, Jesus himself did miraculous signs.
And they still said to him, “Show us a sign!” .


This is so true. A lot of life-saving also goes on behind the scenes. It happens at pregnancy resource centers, often when women can ultrasound screens that abortion clinics deliberately turn away from them. It happens any time there’s a woman in need, and a pro-lifer offers to step up to the plate and do what it takes so that she can have and raise her baby.

Years ago, I attended a meeting with people from NIFLA, a group that helps pregnancy centers attain health care staff and ultrasounds. The conclusion was that abortion-minded women are unfortunately the ones we’re least likely to reach. So they prioritize reaching the abortion-vulnerable women, those who may change their minds if they have the right knowledge and resources to have their babies.


If people can be told how good life is, and how children are wonderful, and how their material concerns can be met, they can come to embrace life.

Telling them they are going to hell for murder will not work. (might be true, but it won’t save a life)


Fortunately, there are health care alternatives to Planned Parenthood. We just need to do a better job at promoting them.



Totally possible she and others went elsewhere. Just a comment.

Easy enough to do with a car.


What is he doing that inspires people to lash out at him like that??


I think it’s extreme, but it does happen. I have credible reports from friends who have stood outside clinics with simple signs saying, “God loves you,” or even just praying the rosary who have been shouted at, chased away, threatened, or shoved, or whose cars have been vandalized. I can’t speak for the OP, though.


You’re probably not the first to ask that question.


If it was true then why don’t you run for the office?


If you consider the bloody slaughter that is going on within this industry, why would it be shocking that those who get in the way would be maltreated?
I know a few sidewalk counselors in our area, and they are maltreated both physically and otherwise.
What’s going on is Satanic, and a physical beating is…?


This was quite a few years ago. There weren’t other alternatives at that time in that area. Might be now.



Sorry, but we’re in a very different era.

Not the same.

Illegal? Battery?

People protest stuff all the time without getting the tar beat out of them. Private citizens also generally don’t attack unless provoked.


What does that mean? You don’t think people are abused for their faith?

Illegal? Battery?

People protest stuff all the time without getting the tar beat out of them. Private citizens also generally don’t attack unless provoked.

Maybe it’s the fault of the sidewalk counselor. :roll_eyes:


Thank you so much ChrisGriffin. God will reward you for saving so many innocent lives.


Charlotte NC at the “Latrobe” abortion clinic when they first opened in 2003.

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