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I have saved 247 babies from abortion


I never said that. Getting the tar beat out of oneself in front of an abortion clinic isn’t the same thing as being persecuted for being Christian. As I said, in the MODERN era, humans tend not to attack unless provoked.

I would say it certainly can be.


Thank you and God bless you.


This really inspires me…gave me chills. Thank you for sharing!


Thank you and grateful to you.


You must be a mind reader. In 2008 I sat in my car for two hours at the Board of Elections. Finally decided I was not cut out for it and drove away.


Birth Right (who had a booth at my parish’s Lenten fish fry)claimed to change 50 percent of potentially abortive mother’s minds.


That’s amazing. Please let everyone know the details. Thank you for sharing. God Bless.

I always carry a big sign “THOU SHALL NOT KILL” because that is the essence of stopping abortion and because God said…

so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
Is 55:11




That’s entirely possible, and the rate will tend to depend at at what point contact occurs, and the amount of choice the mother had.

On the KofC placed machine, about 75% or 90% (I forget, and I had the exact figure on hand recently!) of mothers don’t kill the child after seeing the high-end ultrasound–but these aren’t randomly chosen mothers; they were those that were willing to go in and see.



That I 100% believe without question.

Heck, I’ve never been lucky enough to be pregnant - and I choke up at any random ultrasound. :heart_eyes:


Knights of Columbus has bought hundreds of ultrasound machines.

Since 2009, state and local Knights of Columbus councils have teamed up with the Supreme Council to fund about 900 ultrasound machines.

Since 2009, they’ve so far placed 829 of these machines.


I wish someone could’ve talked my daughter out of the four she’s had…:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: I prayed, begged, screamed, vowed to make room for a baby, but to no avail… I hurt for those children.


God Bless you and God help you and God protect you forever.


Thank you so much, and I know God will bless you for saving those precious babies’ lives. Keep fighting the good fight!


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Salutations Zaccheus
Wouldn’t it be great, if every Catholic on CAF, would be PROLIFE. That could be a start.
Unlikely. The convenience of our living in this world, unencumbered is the leaning of thought.
How we see different political paths. Cardinal Dolan has said,”The DEMS have given up on us Catholics.” Does that change anyone’s viewpoint.
Lord, make us malleable to Your plan. Mold us, form us, use us! In Jesus name. Amen


This is serious and not meaning to be smart.

Are these folks OK with their pictures being posted?

I promise with God as my witness that’s not a pointed comment.


Does that count as three babies saved?


There may be various feelings about this. But, you are led by God in this. Each of us Christian soldiers going on against the fray, have different approaches. You are a brave, active Warrior and I applaud your courage.
The church is not praying enough or fasting enough. We are in spiritual warfare concerning abortion and Islamic Terrorists. Why have we not started a prayer for the Mideast, as we prayed for Russia. Will Muslims bomb our churches. Probably? Wisdom, Lord! I think Russia may need a prayer boost.
Maybe a prayer for world peace and pregnant women. ?? & unborn babies.
In Christ’s Love
Thank you for your ministry.


Thanks for putting wise thoughts into words. God Bless You.

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