I have such a wonderful husband…


My husband just called me from work and surprised me with the news that he got reservations for a weekend trip to New Orleans (and our 3 month anniversary of being married!)…gosh, I have such a romantic husband! :love: He makes me feel so very blessed! :love:


It looks like hes doing a good job, I hope I can do the same for my fiancee!


I’m sure you will…:slight_smile:

When are ya’ll getting married?


Have a wonderful time! :smiley:


Aaawww, the honeymoon days…

Have a great time…make sure you show him just how sweet he is being! :thumbsup:


First, let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on your marriage! How sweet of your Husband to surprise you with a romantic weekend! Yes, you are blesssed!! My Husband is sweet like that too. I think I’ll keep him:D !! We’re going to Charleston, S.C. for our 32nd anniversary in October. We love it there & it’s a special get-away place for us. Have a wonderful time in New Orleans!!:slight_smile:


this is a great thread…and wow to your 32 years! My dh and I have been married for 16 yrs…it’s been great, most of the time…lol…has had its ups and downs, but without the downs, I’m not sure if I’d appreciate the ups as much. All I know is–I’m grateful to have a loving husband.

I hope you enjoy your trip, kevinsgirl!:slight_smile:


Have fun, Whatevergirl - I’m sure he also thinks you are an amazing wife:)


Oh yes, the ups & downs!! Of course you’re right. Every marriage has downs, it’s a growing & learning experience after all. It’s alot of hard work and committment and I’m happy to say that at this point in our marriage it’s pretty close to perfection for us. It was much harder early on in the marriage, and through many ups & many downs, we were determined to make it work. We were 20 & 21 years old when we married. Sixteen years for you & DH, that’s great! I see too many these days willing to throw in the towel because it’s all about ME-ME-ME! :rolleyes:


kevinsgirl: Congrats on your marriage and how wonderful for your husband to do that.

We’ve been married 8 years and my husband always says how if we had the money for this or the money forthat, he would do stuff. But I am just so happy when he has unloaded the dishwasher without me asking him, or done all the laundry (washed/dried/folded/put away) without me asking, or picked up my favorite dark chocolate candies on a whim. Those are the things I cherish about him. :love: I am :whacky: crazy crazy in love with him sometimeS!


Kevinsgirl, Have you ever been to New Orleans? Besides honeymooning things:love: :wink: :smiley: , what are you planning to see/do? I’ve only been once, but am planning a visit soon since my Brother & SIL live in Slidell. Brotherhrolf could give you some ideas if you haven’t been there before.:slight_smile:


An advanced welcome to Louisiana! I live south of New Orleans, actually almost in the Gulf of Mexico. Have a wonderful and safe trip in the Big Easy. Be sure to check out St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter, it was one of the few buildings to be spared flooding during Hurricance Katrina. God Bless. :slight_smile:


welcome to the wonderfully blessed women of great hubbies club!:smiley:


Thanks for all the sweet replies! :slight_smile: Ya’ll are the best! :smiley:

So…here’s what we did…

We found out at the last minute that it was gay pride weekend in New Orleans (the first since Katrina)…:frowning: So, yeah, we were like, that’s ok, we’ll just hang out at the ultra educational places like the D-Day museum–surely they won’t be partying there!

And then…um…the stomach flu struck…twice.:o

LOL…so we ended up spending our romantic weekend at home drinking slushies and watching movies. It was actually really nice and relaxing…:stuck_out_tongue:

Which just goes to show that you can still have romantic anniversaries even when things don’t go precisely as planned… :love:


Well it sounds like you two made lemonade out of lemons!! :slight_smile: You’re right, as long as you are together , that’s all that matters! Cute story, but I’m so sorry the stomach flu made an appearance:blush: .


Awww sorry you guys were sick!!! I am sure you will find other times to go on excursions like that. I laughed when I first read your post because dh and I planned on going there for our honeymoon… the wedding was a couple days before Katrina, we had to change plans fast because the day we would have arrived was also the day Katrina arrived! We keep telling each other we will go for our 5th anniversary. Hoping a little more gets rebuilt in the next couple years!!!


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