I have this fear/paranoia and i don't know how i get rid it


For a full week now I have got this fear. Every night before sleep I have always thought; What if I die in my sleep tonight, will I got to Heaven or Hell? I know its ubsurd, especially bringing to account I’m young(15) and healthy, but it keeps me up at night and I try to confess my sins every single i was going to sleep. It was mild at first, but after a while it was killing me and I was just in bed in tears. I don’t know what to do… Will God protect me in my sleep? Should I really be confessing my sins every night?


Before you go to sleep tell God , I am truly sorry for my sins, if I should die in my sleep, let the angels take me to paradise.

Stop worrying, Gods Mercy is greater than all your sins combined.


Worrying adds nothing to today but does take away your peace. Give it to God, tell Him you are His whatever happens and have a good night sleep.


“Pray, hope, and don’t worry.” - St. Padre Pio


Are you aware of the Divine Office aka Liturgy of the Hours?

The Night Prayers is a set cycle of Scripture and Prayers for every night before one goes to bed. You do a brief examine of conscience and express contrition for those sins. Each night this set of prayers ends with asking the Lord to grant us “a restful night and a peaceful death”. This is a set of prayers that take an extra 10 minutes before you go to sleep, prayer helps us to grow in charity and in peace.

Advent is a wonderful time to begin a new prayer habit!


Get into the practice of going to confession every week with a priest. The priest can also help guide you away from the worries that you have. God wants the best for you, including a good night’s sleep. Strive for making holy decisions that God can smile at, and once it is time for bed rejoice in the work that you put into the day. God gave us the Sacrament of Penance so that, through the priest, you can be forgiven the sins that you are sorry for and have peace. Hope this helps you :slight_smile:


Work on your perfect contrition and go to confession as soon as possible.
Before you go to sleep every night ask God to protect you.
We truly do not know when we may die. Thus, even if we can be assured of forgiveness in confession, even from a very selfish standpoint of only thinking of youself, you should not sin. You may die before going to confession.
So, work on your perfect contrition.
Pray before you go to sleep.
Go to confession as soon as you can.
Leave it all up to GOD.
Be assured that if you believe in God through Christ Jesus and live a good Christian life and die without the stain of mortal sin, you have very good chances.


Try to make an act of perfect contrition and go to confession as soon as you can. Afterwards, strive to overcome the sins of your past and trust me, you will feel a lot better. Once you get over the initial climb of breaking habits and redirecting your focus to living God’s presence, you’ll feel a much stronger sense of purpose in life.

As others have said, do not worry! It will only make things worse. Pray often and confess your sins; God is merciful but you have to want His mercy. And confessing our sins is how we show that.


Are there any clear mortal sins you’re committing? If yes, you need to stop. If no, then I’d suggest praying the rosary each day, all 15 Mysteries if possible. Go to sleep praying the rosary. Sr. Lucia of Fatima said: “The Most Holy Virgin in these last times in which we live has given a new efficacy to the recitation of the Rosary to such an extent that there is no problem, no matter how difficult it is, whether temporal or above all spiritual, in the personal life of each one of us…that cannot be solved by the Rosary. There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot resolve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary.”


My take is a bit different, since I too have been plagued by night worries. For me, they were more of a spiritual attack. I treat them as t temptations, they are a@n attempt to separate me from God.

Whatever their source, the solution is the same. First, do not spend too long examining your conscience.


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All your priest how long too spend, but until then just 5 to 7 minutes. Then “make an Act of Perfect Contrition” by saying the prayer of that name; there are different forms, but the one said at the end of Confession is one form.

Then you are finished. If you are bothered by worries, say the St Michael the Archangel prayer, the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be, asking for their help for relief and recalling God’s mercy.

If you are working on getting rid of mortal sin, praying each day, and attentively participating in the sacraments, this may help. When I did this, it started that I had to pray the prayers a few times, but then it reduced. However, what happens from time to time is that I have other temptations to worry too much, and I have to recognize that that porocess is happening again and do it all over.



Talk to a priest about it in Confession, or at some other time, as honest and as humbly as you can.

Confession is mainly about confessing sins, but it is okay to talk about spiritual fears as well, since that is a sort of temptation to us, to give up or to lose hope. He won’t think you are strange or odd. Lots of people worry about this at different times in their life. He can give you spiritual direction to help you.


It happened again!

If this does not help, discuss it with a good priest, and he should be able to help you more.


You need to speak to a clinical psychologist. Intrusive religious thoughts causing distress are a common expression of some problems that can be treated effectively. People who are not religious have them too, just about different things. But don’t wait to get support.


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