I have to ask.... about solemnities


Is today - the Solemnity of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Apostles - a day of abstinence from meat?

(And yes, I realize that in the United States a substitute penitential practice is permitted on Fridays.)


If a Solemnity falls on a Friday where there would ordinarily be abstinence, one may eat meat (or refrain from whatever substitute penance is performed).


Did i commit mortal sin if i ate meat today? i didnt know that i couldnt eat meat today!! uh-oh!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:


No, there was no sin today.

You should NEVER fast on Feast Days, and, unless it is something contrary to your health or welfare, you should consider your abstinences to be abrogated.

It’s a FEAST after all, you should be celebrating.

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