I have to discuss this

Yeah, that would suck. But in the end, the “what if’s…” will haunt you for much longer.


Do you have any news for us yet? :wink: Anyone at mass last night?

Yes. The priest, my sisters, my buddy Euler, a lot of elderly people

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That is not what I meant, and you know it! :joy:

She wasn’t there; but I wasn’t expecting her to be. She usually goes on Sunday at 5 pm.

If they are having that mass, you should go. If they aren’t, I thought maybe she would have been at the one you went to.

Oh well. Now you will have time to shave and get all gussied up before you see her! :wink:

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I would have gone to it; but I go to Mass with my little sisters, and my 16 year old one made an appointment with a college…at 4 pm…on Sunday.

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I did shave, my beard I don’t shave my moustache. I don’t think anyone would know who I was if I did. But that was because I had a job interview. I would like to see her

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And you will one day, Grasshopper, you will. :wink:

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Okay, but I won’t shave my moustache for her.

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That’s okay. She probably wouldn’t ask you to.

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You’d be surprised. I honestly had a girlfriend that wanted me to, simply because her dad had one. You’ll note, that she is married now, but not to me.

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A good woman won’t ask you to change yourself for her!

I’m not sure my wife would recognize me without my beard . . . It was off for about two weeks almost thirty years ago (and then I mowed two lawns on a 110+ degree day, and it burned like **** on the scar tissue under my chin!)

IIRC, it ws the only time in my life I had a mustache without a beard (and it doesn’t work on me; my nose is to close to my upper lip and there are gas in the upper mustache from the same scarring)

Mine sure wouldn’t; the hat and beard were why she crossed the room to meet me . . . my late grandmother and mother, however . . .

True. But the other side of that coin is that a good man will want to please her in such things . . .

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Keeping in mind, that my diocese has suspended the Sunday obligation, no I did not see her today. Her mom was there, but she may have been at Mass at different time

Ughh…she needs to get with the program!! :wink:

Maybe she is, and I’m not.

My brain hurts thinking about her. In a good way.

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You know, one of the things I am interested in is herpetology. I am going to bring this up next time I talk to her. If she has a problem with it, it wasn’t meant to be. (It’s okay if she is indifferent, though). I know she and I are both interested in foreign languages, both Catholic, both familiar with Padre Pio quotes, and that’s about it.

What an unfortunate name! :joy:

If she is not interested though, I don’t think that is a sign of anything except that she is not interested in that subject. That’s not the same as having a problem with it though.

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