I have to wonder...why do the head covering threads always end up locked?


This is not a judgement on the part of the mods - I’m just curious to know what it is about that one topic that always ends up in a locked thread? Other discussions always seem to go on forever, or will just die on the vine and waste away, but I just can’t figure out why the head covering threads always get locked.


Any ideas? What can we do differently to have discussions on that topic and not end up locked?



I imagine that it’s because there are some from the get go who have been told by others that they shouldn’t wear a veil and that they are haughty if they do so. Then there are others who have been told they are not following God’s will if they do not wear a veil and that this act of piety is still mandatory and they are also being haughty by not wearing one. Nobody wants to be told they are doing something against God’s will for them. I, for one, don’t care either way. I know what I think God wants me to do (or in this case not to do) and I have to follow that. Everyone else should be doing likewise and not worry about what others think. :shrug:


Generally they are closed because the discussion devolves into personal remarks or goes off topic by bringing up issues that are not germaine to what the OP wanted to discuss. This is why I keep stressing to start new threads instead of hijacking existing ones to discuss side issues.

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