I haven't been visited by either a Jehovah's Witness or Mormon Missionary in 15 years


What’s up?

Have they given up on me?!?!?

The last time I got a knock on the door by either one of them was 1992, and I thought it was a friend of mine that was over at my house to pick me up a bit early…so, I went downstairs to open the door for him (in my boxers, half asleep - and, not to brag, but I’m a fine specimen of mankind, especially 15 years ago), and, upon opening the door, there’s a lady and a teenage girl, (quite a cutie from what I remember) her protege I assume, standing there holding their literature, staring at me, a half naked, rather well built young man. They stutter off their propaganda, and me, quite stunned to see a couple of ladies at my door was equally stunned (I was a Catholic gentleman, even back then) said “sorry”, and slammed the door…

To this day I feel bad about being rude, and I feel bad about presenting myself in such a way, but I know it really wasn’t my fault…anyway, they never came back, which I was upset about for weeks because the young girl really was quite a cutie! Until I met my wife, I always felt she could have made a great Catholic convert wife with a dozen kids!

Anyway, why haven’t I had any visitors (JW’s or Mormons) since then?!? Did I get put on their “perverts for life” list or something???


I’ve been wondering the same thing. I moved into my house in 2000, and in those days I got what seemed like regular JW visits, and maybe a Mormon missionary crew now and again, though I probably wasn’t distinguishing them very well back then. Now they stay away, even though I never did anything to offend them. I see the Mormons nearby when I go out, and sometimes I see a JW family doing their thing on my street, but they only go to other peoples’ houses.


I get the JW’s and LDS on and off regularly, at least since 2005.

When I have answered the door for a JW, I usually just asked for the Watch Tower, then they leave.


I only ever got one visit at the old place, from a couple of Witnesses. I said “not interested” and they moved on.
My current home is an apartment building with a locked-door policy, so they can’t get in.


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:newidea: Hey!! Maybe that might be a good idea! “how to keep Mormons & JWs from ever darkening your door!”":hypno: :hypno: :hypno:


At my age, if I answered the door half-naked I’m sure they’d just call the police. Nakedness is not for the old.


Having my mother outside the door may be what is keeping them away…


They came!

While we were at Mass they came and my 18 year old took a pamphlet from them just to get rid of them. I tried to explain why she shouldn’t have, but she’s still in the “what does Mum know about anything?” stage.

I hope I am home next time they come.


try repairing your car curb side, while you are under the car they will show up. Anotherwards, pick the most inappropriate time, and they will show up, say when you are greiving the lost of a loved one, yes they read the obits looking for victims to visit.


They usually come when I’m gardening…I ask them to grab a flat of what ever I’m planting and follow me to the back yard…while I’m digging and planting, they can talk. I tell them I have a faith that I’m very satiisfied with and I wish them well in their service of the LIght…I ask them if they’d like to enter into Meeting with me for a short time…they say no, they’ll be leaving and I shake their hands in good Quaker fashion and they leave…both JW and Mormons…I usually ask them if they’d like a glass of lemonaide or a coke, if they’re JW’s…they decline when I start speaking of “that of God” in each of us and “living in the Light” and that we all share a measure of the Light according to the first chapter of John.


Recent years, JWs have been told off and on about leaving stuff at doors when people aren’t home. In general, when I left the church, my understanding was to not leave anything unless that door just wasn’t worked. Some congregations work their territory only on the order of 1x every 5 years. (Some only take a few months).

They have probably been in your neighborhood and missed your street, or the times they worked your street, you were gone… Some congros actually do field service work on Sundays…


Oh, and if you tell them not to come back, they usually write your name and address down and don’t come back. If someone else lived in the house before you that asked, they might think the same way.


At the house I lived in until I was sixteen, we were visited once. It was when I was in early elementary school. I was in the front yard playing, and they asked if my mom or dad were home. I proceeded to turn around and yell, “Mom, the Mormons are here.” They looked shocked. I don’t think they expected me to know who they were. It was the only time they went there, but that city is heavily religious, and the people aren’t fans of Mormons or JWs. At the house I lived at my junior year, the Mormons visited often as it was down the street from a church. They woke me up from a nap after school. I wasn’t happy.

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