I helped create something bad


I helped create a sign for a psychic (reason being my supervisor asked me to input some information on a lawn sign for a psychic), did I do something that offended God?


You did your job


When you say a psychic - do you mean a fortune teller -
Someone who has tarot cards and candles ?


Most of us can’t pick & choose everything we do for our jobs. I think you’re fine.


A love specialist and life healer


A sign on a lawn does not make you participant in the psychic’s evil. It is the person who hires the psychic who should know better.


You did your job. No blame to you.


It seems a low level of remote cooperation, and one that could have been fulfilled by anyone (so it’s not like you could have prevented anything), which leads me to think you’re fine and did nothing impermissible. Speak to a priest if yoh feel uneasy, though.


The psychic - sounds like a Priest.

A Love specialist ? ( after reading your palm ) lol ?


How is a sign “bad” ??

you are not endorsing the practice of the nutjob who paid you to create it…

are on-line maps to abortion clinics bad? i don’t think so…

you provided information; which you were paid to do…


What if they asked you - to put a smile face image -
on the map - to the abortion clinic ?

I think of Moses’s brother Aaron -
making the golden idol - for the people -


I’d say that aiding and abetting a total quack might be a venial sin, at most. :wink:


I like to pop into psychic offices and say, “I believe you were expecting me…”

OK, back to the thread.


You should speak to a priest about this.

My thinking is that this would be proximate cooperation, albeit not necessary (for the sin’s commission) cooperation, so a serious reason would be needed to justify it.

Under federal law, employers are required to make accommodations for religious objections as long as it doesn’t impose an undue hardship on the business.


I’d ask a priest.


It is not a sin to make a sign.


Well, it doesn’t seem to me that I would be justified in making a map to an abortion clinic for use by people who want to get there to have an abortion, even if making the map isn’t sinful in itself. Cooperation with evil can certainly be sinful.


a map is a map; a sign is a sign


Why do they need office hours? Shouldn’t they know when someone’s coming?

But I digress…


Can hear them now: “Oh, didn’t see that one coming!” :laughing:

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