I honestly wasn't trying to be uncharitable


hey all-

Before I get suspended or this thread gets removed, I just wanted all to know that it was never my intention to be mean-spirited or uncharitable towards anyone in this forum. I just assumed that my efforts would be taken at face-value, that someone truly seemed to be needing some spiritual strength at that time.
If there is a rule about not speaking of individuals within the forums, I was unaware and it is probably wise and I will abide by that. But please don’t think my intention was malicious. Have a little charity towards me too!! :o


PS - please no replies - I don’t need anymore trouble!! :stuck_out_tongue:



I do not believe you were being malicious, Jen, it was rather the fact that when a person is being reprimanded, it is rather uncharitable to talk about it. The only thing I can say is…how would you feel if you were suspended and a thread was started about you needing prayers, etc? Would it not be humiliating enough?:o

That is all. You are not mean…it just wasn’t a wise move…:smiley:



I don’t think that you were being purposly mean. In fact, asking prayers privately would have been a nice idea. I just didn’t like the public forum. The very fact that you are explaining yourself proves that you are a nice person with well meant intentions. Because I am one of the people that criticized the particular post, I will apologize to. I am sorry if I made you feel bad. I never thought that you were being malicious, just mistaken. But hey, if you hang out with me enough on these forums you will come across all kinds of stupid mistakes that I make-feel free to point them out. I will try and respond with as much grace as you have in this thread.:slight_smile:


…i see no one casting stones… go in peace!


remember, we are all just little hindu’s doin the best we kindu…

…you were not the first here to err, and you won’t be the last… your ok… don’t give it another thought…

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