I hope I didn't sin!

I was reading a movie review from the USCCB and it contained some innapropraite/ Pertaining to lust, reviews.

I read them and I think I was tempted. but I hope I didn’t sin.

What do you think?

I think you might be a bit scrupulous. You have posted several “have I sinned?” threads today. Have you sought counsel from a priest in Confession? Posting on here will probably get you nowhere as a few people who will post will not know the whole story and give wrong answers. Please see your priest in Confession so he can give you the correct answer. :slight_smile:

I think you suffer from scrupulosity and that it does not do you any good to post these questions on here. I think it does you harm.

You need to be talking to a regular confessor or spiritual director who can help you with your obsessive or intrusive thoughts and can help you discern what is a sin and what isn’t.

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