I hope the prayers of Muslims "work"



For all the things to pray for, this would be near the bottom of the list.


If it were me this would not be even included in the list. I hate it when people ‘pray’ to win a beauty pageant or something. Lotteries, i am okay with, but it depends a lo on the person. If it is someone who cannot manage money with low impulse control, then never mind.


Yeah I am reminded of the old baseball story about a catcher named Birdie Tebbetts. The batter came to the plate and made the Sign of the Cross. Tebbetts called time out, stood up and also made the Sign of the Cross. Then he said ‘okay we’re all even with God, let’s see who the better man is’. lol


I never heard story before, thanks for sharing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Unselfishly praying for someone else’s success rather than for personal gain? I like the idea…


Is this legal in the Muslim faith?


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