I introduced a girl with Scruples to MHFM... What do I do?

She first encountered me on WebMD after she saw that I suffered from scrupulosity, and we got into Catholic/Protestant discussions, and she saw from an anti-Catholic website that Catholicism was not consistent with historical teachings about “Outside the Church, there is no salvation.” She asked for a group that still held to the pre-Vatican II beliefs, and I suggested Most Holy Family Monastery.

What a bad move that was.

Now her fear and scrupulosity has increased, as they told her not to watch TV, as modern TV promotes evil, according to them, and now she’s terrified of everything. Now she’s searching for churches that hold to similar views of the Dimonds. I commented on how one supporter of the Monastery lacked compassion towards me when I suffered from scrupulosity, such as when I suggested I was afraid I would hurt myself, and asked if he was concerned, and he just said: Free will, man.

Now she wants his name on Youtube, and she defriended me because I refused to give it to her, out of fear for her well being.

What do I do? I know that some people in the traditionalist community look down on the Dimonds (as I saw on some of these forums). I want Christ to have mercy on us, and to guide us to Him. But I want to go back to the way things were, when I didn’t have to travel two hours so I could go to mass and confession. Why would God allow an apostasy to happen?

Free will, man.

Unfortunately, you have steered her towards a group that is not in communion with Rome. Perhaps this is because you struggle yourself to see the one true faith in the Catholic Church post Vatican II? Pray for her, and encourage her as best you can, and pray for yourself if you are struggling with the faith.

If your idea of traditional, orthodox Catholicism is the Dimond brothers, then it’s you - and not the unfortunate woman you unleashed them on - who is at fault. Your accusations of an “apostasy” merely reveal your agenda. And if your idea of hardship is “travelling 2 hours for Confession”, you may want to look at some catacombs or read a Martyrology. :mad:

The FSSP would have been a much better choice.

“And whosoever shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me: it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and he were cast into the sea.” (Mark 9: 42)

Isn’t MHFM like a banned topic? And your saying you travel to this place to go to mass? Or the girl? Sorry I’m really lost here

To sum up:

Adhering, today, to “pre-Vatican 2 beliefs” is heresy.

Nobody living in Connecticut “has” to drive two hours to get to Mass. That’s a personal choice. To complain of “having” to do so is mendacious and is also uncharitably demeaning of those who do live in parts of the world where receiving the Holy Eucharist means a long airplane flight or many days driving or train travel.

Answering the OP’s question:

What you ought to do is leave the girl alone, pray, and speak about this to a priest who is in communion with the Roman Catholic Church. It’s not up to you to “fix” this, it’s up to God. You can help, however, with your prayers. You might pray that God’s will, not yours, be done in this matter.


Ridiculous. :confused:

What should you do? You should get to confession and resolve never to do something like that again.

Have nothing to do with schismatics, sedevacantists, and the like. Your mental health issues are unlikely to get better if you choose to believe in false teachings like that.

Way to show Christian charity.

You mean the New Testament?

Rahter off base there.

Yes one ought not to associate with groups as mentioned - most certainly.

But one would not sum up it as “Adhering, today, to “pre-Vatican 2 beliefs” is heresy”.

I see your in RCIA so your “new” to the Faith somewhat -so I can understand the confusion. But that would not be how to put things.

Pre-Vatican II beliefs are rather part of Vatican II beliefs.

The Faith has been and is being passed on from the time of the Apostles up to and beyond today. One must as Pope Benedict XVI urged keep in mind the hermenutic of continuity.

It was the correct Christian answer to the OP’s question. Or do you disagree?

Did you really intend to write the part in bold above? The Church didn’t begin in the 1960s. Catholics are bound to adhere to all the Church’s beliefs, including all 21 councils, the teachings of the Bible (which span back millennia before Vatican 2), the magisterium of all our Holy Fathers, etc, etc, etc.

Examples of “pre-Vatican 2” (and therefore, according to you, heretical beliefs):

Jesus is God
God is a Trinity
Mary is the Mother of God
The Eucharist is the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus
Jesus established the Catholic Church
Love your neighbor
Thou shall not kill

Have you even read the documents of Vatican 2? Perhaps you ought to. When you do, make sure to notice that Vatican 2 constantly refers to “pre-Vatican 2” teachings.

In fact, not adhering to “pre-Vatican 2” beliefs is heresy.

To those criticising ChevalierdeJohn, we must note that he has used quotation marks. What I assume he means is not that adhering to pre-VII beliefs is heresy, but that those who reject the post-VII Church usually describe their faith in this way or similar; ie “adhering to pre-Vatican 2 beliefs”.

That’s how I read it, which has a very different meaning than how others have read it. Hopefully ChevalierdeJohn will clarify.

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