I just broke up with my girlfriend


Well I just broke up with my girlfriend. I realized, after only one relationship, what I really will be looking for in a future spouse. You can refer to my old thread for some background info if you’d like. I feel really bad about the whole situation, and it breaks my heart to break her’s. But I really feel, after reflecting on this for a long time, that I made the right decision. Please keep me in your prayers, and her as well. The recent revitalization of my faith made me realize how important Catholicism is to me. Please pray for both of us. Thank you.


I know it’s hard, and it hurts. But, that old saying “time heals all wounds” is annoying because it’s true.

So, persevere in faith. Something great will come your way.


Thank you 1ke…you are, as always, helpful


I went back and read the old thread.

She sounds like a nice girl, and deserves to be with someone who will be 100% committed to her. You did the right thing when your realized that wasn’t going to be you.


thanks bama. thats actually what hurts the most, is that i know she is a good girl and a good person. But i also know she will never be the right girl for me in the long run.


Honey, you are both in my prayers.
TRUST me when I say that while it hurts now, it will be better for both of you. I promise.


I went through that type pf thing when I broke up with my ex. I grew closer to the Catholic faith, starting practicing, and he didn’t want to, and we already had moral differences to begin with. It was a hard choice, but I knew it had to end. It is a really hard choice to make, even when you do know it is what you have to do. I realized that with our differences, I could never marry him. So then, why stay in the relationship?

ETA: I just looked at your other thread. I think you made the right decision by ending it. Even though, like I said, it’s a hard one. Know you’re not alone in dealing with this type of thing. I went through it, and I’m sure there are others. It’s not an easy thing.


rusty, you made the right choice. Some of us (well at least one of us anyway :o ) have made the wrong choice in your shoes, and we realize how hard it is to do what you did. So I applaud you for seeking God’s will, because that is what leads one to making the right choice in decisions like these.


thank you all for your support. I won’t be getting it from anyone here on my small college campus LOL. I went to our student chapel and prayed a rosary after posting this earlier today. It really helped me by praying for her, as well as myself. Thank you again.


Why the heck WON’T you be getting support from your friends on campus??? That would make me disappointed…

Prayers your way and :hug1:


Take care, keep it tight. It hurts (I’ve been there), but you’ll be able to live normally in a moment - if not already.


Most of my friends love her…LOL. Most people wouldn’t understand or agree with my reasoning anyways.

I talked with her after mass today, and it was peaceful. She has asked people not to take this out on me HAHA. Im already feeling good about my decision and I think it will make both of us happier in the long run.


Glad to hear it.


Likewise glad to hear it.


whew…feeling good about a decision is a lot better than regretting it.

Prayers 4 U :gopray:


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