I just don't get much out of Catholicism anymore


First of all I am a Catholic and my intention is not to start an argument here. Distracted you are my sister in Christ so God Bless You. In response to a few things you have written

I hope you can understand where I am coming from. I am already evangelized and received the Holy Spirit. I can come to the Catholic Church and get by and live my life for Christ. For someone that is not evangelized and/or is does not have the Holy Spirit dwelling within the catholic church can be difficult. If you had a best friend that was ready to commit suicide and messed up on drugs and need Jesus TODAY, where would you send them on Sunday? Would it be to an hour Mass on Sunday at the RCC or would you send them to a protestant church where they would have the opportunity right there and then to hear the Gospel and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior? Is there a reason why we “catholics” do not get on our hands and knees to praise and worship our most high God? Is there a reason why we cannot raise our hands to him?

God Bless

your brother in christ



From time to time I visit the Evangelical Churches my self , but in the Catholic Church I feel more at home.
I can follow and concentrate on the Divine Service as no where else. I really take part in the Divine Service .
I can concentrate when praying.
I am not disturbed that among Catholics there are many traditionalists , who after the service can go to dring a cup of vodka with a friends or who can smoke the sigarete in front of the Church .
You never can see some thing like this in Evangelical Church.
But , I want to be part of these people , the part of these righteous and sinners.
I know that among them there are very saint people , and there are sinful not repentant people .
But this is the Church where I can pray concentrating my self on prayer , and celebrate communion .
At the time of depressions , the Catholic liturgy helped me a lot to renew the strength.
I know of course , some people can say it about the Pentecostal or some other Protestant Church
But I feel the Catholic Church is my Church !
I think I felt it even when I was a child and some times visited Catholic Church , when I was listening the songs or organ music , when I was looking at the pretty face of young nun , seeing the truthfulness of this religion even in that face .
I think the more I am Catholic , the more I must love and respect Evangelicals , (I know I must work on it.)

The temptation can be when in the Church , you do not see the examples of truth around you.
Then , I think you must do your best to be example your self.
Do not expect the Church to change you , change the Church by your example .
If there is a need - Regenerate it ! bring the spirit of truth to the Church your self !


God bless you Holly. Two thoughts: “Draw close to Him, he is near.”

And also this, you know how in Genesis that Satan in the form he was in sidled up to Eve and said, “Did the Lord say you shall not…???” (add creepy little voice…haha)

In my RCIA journey every once in a while I get a question out of left field, such as “Are you sure you want to bring your family with you, what if you are wrong, you would be held responsible???” or “Don’t you think this is a LOT of rituals???”

I think at times when we are presented with a questions like these that would cause us to turn away from our faith in our risen Christ, and His Church, we need to firmly dismiss these aberrant silly questions. A couple of times I have said, “Satan be gone” feeling like I had been tempted, and then prayed and asked for assistance. The questions always go POOF! Not knowing if the silly questions are temptations or testing from Satan, or just some aberrant thought in my head, I turn to God. I do know that one of the things that can pry a person from their faith is the question, “Are you being fed?” etc. At those times our intellect and drawing close to Him helps.

Also life has hills and valleys, and our walk with the Lord at times does also, but I still believe to draw close to Him, he is very near. Also, our dear BVM loves us so much and prays for us, these are prayers to ask her assistance for intercession also.


TThat was very well put sister. God Bless you!!

Brother in Christ Rob


My parish priest told us a story a few weeks ago in his homily. It went something like this:

A lady took her granddaughter to Mass. The lady wasn’t very impressed with the music or the homily, and after Mass, she told the priest so. She said the music was out of tune and dreadful, and the homily was boring. That’s when her granddaughter piped up and said, “Well, for 25 cents, I thought it was pretty good.”

The point Father was trying to make was that you get out what you put in.

If you’re finding you’re not getting much out of the Church anymore, do something to change that! Volunteer around your church, join a Bible study or other group, offer to teach a Sunday school class or run a youth group, join the choir, go to adoration or daily mass… there are all sorts of things you can do to get more out of the Church.

Good luck :thumbsup:


Thanks everyone for your helpful posts and advice. I am going to try to get involved with some ministry at my church. I’m not sure what though yet. I am considering getting involved with The Legion of Mary again. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I was gone from the Catholic Church for about a week. I fell away and even committed the grave sin of Atheism while I was gone. I was trying to justify my sins and so I did that by halting my belief in God. I am now back. :slight_smile:


That’s great Holly3728

Its wonderful that you realize that the motivation for your leaving was an unwillingness to submit to the commandments of God and not that anything was wrong with those commandments.

Legion of Mary is a great ministry to join!
A pro-life ministry would also be wonderful!
Have you ever considered joining a St. Maximilian Kolbe consecration group and becoming interested in the True Devotion to Mary consecration? Of course, this consecration still requires daily recitation of the Most Holy Rosary!

consecration.com and miyouth.org (for teens and young adults up to age 35)

May Christ, Mary, and St. Joseph richly bless, keep, guide, protect, love, shelter, hold, strengthen, encourage, and take care of you!! AMEN!! AMEN!! AMEN!!


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Yeah and I am so glad to be back. Thank you for your encouraging post.


Hang in there!


Thanks Sailor Kenshin! :slight_smile:


I’ld suggest reading, try the Cathechism, Theology of the Body by Pope John Paul II. If you get EWTN, Sunday evenings at 8 o’clock Fr. Corapi teaches the Cathechism. His testimony is real life. The Covenant of Love another excellent book by Pope John Paul II. These books are not boring, they deal with real life issues, they’re very interesting. Faith like everything else in our life requires action. It took me awhile to understand why I should confess to a priest when God already knows what’s in my heart and mind. He wants to see action. We also have “dry” periods. When I first opened the Bible I was amazed at the things that jumped out at me, but with time it didn’t become as enlightening. God works in strange ways, ways which we don’t often understand. Maybe He wants to see if you’ll search harder for Him. Praying, receiving the Sacraments, reading scripture and books, they can all help you. I’ve also found that I just can’t seem to read some parts of the Bible. Can’t grasp some and seem to like some authors more than others. Stay with the Truth.


I’m starting to have problems with the religion myself. For the past 15 years or so our current bishop has been trying get rif of all the parishes in the northern half of our diocese. (The Diocese of Gary) He’s closed most of the Catholic schools here as well. His reason for closing so many is always his claim that they’re non-viable parishes. Of course when a close look is taken of these non-viable parishes it becomes clear that they are not whealthy. Our bishop seems to think only the rich deserve to be allowed in the Catholic faith. Two years ago, for his birthday he demanded that every child enrolled in a Catholic school in the diocese give him $20.00. What great humanitarian act did he want this money for you ask. We never really got an answer. However he did get a really nice shiny new Lincoln Towncar shortly after his birthday.
Now he’s dead set on closing my parish. He closed our school two years ago. He leased out our school building to a charter school with the option for them to buy the entire property. It appeasrs to be a done deal. Our non-viability seems to be in stone even though we arfe the only paish in our diocese that regularly reaches out to the community not just to our own. We ave had Angels trees, Patriot trees, nonparishable food drives, clothing drives, etc. The priest in residents at our rectory actually triedd having the parish secretary fired because she started a program where every Saturday this winter, if someone comes in needing a coat, they get a coat, no charge. Why did the priest want this stopped? Why, it just inconvienced him so much to have to answer the doorbell when people came to the wrong door.
Last summer we started an outreach program for area kids. Something to keep them off the streets and out of trouble for the summer. About a month into it, the bishop sent this priest to stay in our rector, not pastor us. This man made us keep the kids outside the whole time because he didn’t want them in the rectory. He doesn’t think children should be in a church for any reason. (Why then should we Baptize them?)He refuses to go out on calls for last rights, and apparently the bishop has told him that since he isn’t pastor here, he doesn’t need to do so. Our last pastor died January 31, 2008. The bishop had already told us under no surcumstances would he be sending us another pastor. He said he can’t force anyone to come pastor in our city. (He never had a problem reminding our late pastor about his vows of obediance, nor dose he mind reminding our deacon of that as well.)
Our bishop is a racist, and an elietist. We are the diocese of Gary, but there are no parishes left in Gary, because he closed them all down. Want to guess what colour the majority of people living in Gary are? Or what the average income level is there as well?
Sad thing is I used to greatly admire the man,or at least who I thought he was. If this idiot closes my church, I will be leaving the church as a whole. The majority of the churches in our area tend to be very cliquish. When visiting parishes where relatives belong, I’ve actually been asked why I was in “their church” since I didn’t “Belong” there. My family and I have been involved in church life around here for as long as there’s been chuch life around here. I have at least two cousins who are priests and have had a few who were nuns as well. I am a fourth generation parishioner, as well as fourth generation choir mamber, fourth generation usher, third generation parish councel member, and a first generation Eucharistic Minister. When I say ‘My’ parish that’s what I mean. Our family were among the cofounders of at least three parishes. My aunt who donated most of the benefits she recieved when she lost my uncle was told by the current pastor of her former parish that she’s no longer welcome there. Why, you ask. She objected when he removed the Baptismal she had donated in memory of her husband. He replaced it with what looks like a cheap garden fountain. Gave away the original to some buddy of his, not for a church, but a private persons private garden. A number of pastors in our area have asked for a few years now, when we’re closing our doors so they can have the antique statuary from our parish. And here I thought coveting thy neighbors anything was a nono.
Ours is last parish to not charge people for recieving the sacraments. Most of the parishes surrounding us, charge $50.00 for Baptizims, funarals and weddings can be $600.00 and up. I seriously tink to myself, why put myself through this? Why should I have to pay to join a parish? Yes, around here, they expect that.
Pray for my parish, and me, mostly pray for the idiot bishop we have to deal with here. He seemed like such a good guy when I first met him. I’m sorry to say he’s definetly not a good guy.:mad: :frowning: :crying: :banghead: :bighanky: :sad_bye: :gopray2: :gopray:


Dear H,
good decision to stay put.

Next step: where did it all go wrong?
what was i taking forgranted
In what ways was i negligent

do i conflate faith with feelings
what do i really seek.

Perhaps i need to pray for a good spiritual director?

Finally…ask or seek not just what you can get from the church, your church. WHAT ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN GIVE TO THE CHURCH?

perhaps you are being called to serve in some small way…remember Jonah.

God bless


I am so sorry for your lack of pastoral leadership.

This leaves me utterly speechless to say the least.

Is this ‘normal’ practice to be found in more places than yours?

Don’t walk away, this church belongs to the people there and yourself. RECLAIM it from these tyrants - they do not represent Christ in these practices you speak of.

Much needed prayers for you and your community that has had to endure such bullying!


Maybe you might want to participate in the: **Red Envelope Project against Abortion ** redenvelopeproject.org/ :frowning:

Did you know that Gianna Jesson is an abortion survivor? Her 17 year old parents tried to murder her, with an 18 hour saline abortion, but she survived and was born with cerebral palsy? She is a wondeful Christian singer now, I listen to her almost every day! :thumbsup:


Are you Paladingirl on another message board? I have always thought that you and Paladingirl was one and the same, but I must be wrong since she now is a Hindu and loves Ganesh.

I hope that you prevail in your struggles.


Gary, IN?

Your location says Chicago. :confused:


No this isn’t normal.


this is all wrong… The RCC says more scripture during Mass than any other church (so called)… In the RCC the time spent in scripture is about 26%… In the others it is 2-6% at best…

If someone were thinking of suicide, i wouild send him to neither… I would talk to him about Christ… IF he wanted to know wah Church i went to i would tell him… and i would tell him about the Real Presence of Christ in the Church, which only the Catholic Church has… When i am in the Real Presence of Christ, my mind gets … straighttened out… priorities are set in order… not MY priorities but HIS…

and when i am there, i feel that i am important… I don’t always feel that way when not There…

and i am sure most of those who feel they don’t want to live any longer feel the same way… This world can really do a number on people… I am so thankful I have the Real Presence of Christ… :extrahappy: :extrahappy:

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