I just don't know that I can do it


The going without masturbation for me is getting longer and longer but these wet dreams I don’t know that I can put up with them. Are they supposed to come frequent? I get no kicks from masturbation but it sure stops wet dreams.


Wet dreams will go away with time.


How much time? After twenty years I think something would happen. There must be a clear maturity or lust problem. Something that would alter culpability obviously cause something isn’t right.


Could you bring this up next time you see a doctor? I think that might be a bigger help than anything we can say here.


The dreams are not sinful since you can't control them (you're asleep). Aquinas addressed this.


Well, just remember that you are not morally responsible for what happens when you are asleep. You have no control over what happens while you are asleep and since a "wet dream" occurs while you are asleep you therefore are not morally responsible for it since you have no control over what your body does when you are sleeping. Therefore, you are not sinning by having a "wet dream".


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