I just found a church in my area that does TLM

…I’ve never been to one.

A couple weeks back we had a guest priest at my parish (the beautiful Cathedral Of Mary Our Queen).
He spoke alot of Latin during the Mass and I thought this was really neat. I’ve never been exposed to the Latin Mass. And since I’ve been hanging on this forum I’ve been reading alot about TLM, but wasn’t really informed of it before. I have a friend I grew up with who is a Franciscan friar (he’s now in Uruguay) who told me that the Tridentine Mass was much more beautiful than Traditional Mass. So now that this forum has piqued my curiousity I went Googling and found a church in downtown Baltimore that does the TLM every Sunday at 11:30am.

I am psyched to say the least. Guess I know where I’ll be next Sunday morning. This church is over 200 years old:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I had the chance of attending the TLM at St. Alphonsus a few years ago. People are extremely nice there. Cardinal Keeler, a very good Cardinal, will be retiring soon, if he hasn’t already. I hope his replacement is as good in allowing the Latin Mass there. I think there is a Latin NO at the Basilica several blocks away too.

I haven’t been inside the Basilica yet either.
But I’m going soon. They just restored it and I saw some pictures of it and it’s beautiful. It’s sort of modernized though.
I prefer the older, richly detailed, ornate Catholic Churches.
I love our cathedral. Mass in there is so pretty. It feels so holy.

Congrats! :thumbsup: I’ve only been to one TLM before. :frowning:

Please post your reactions next week! Be warned, once you experience the Traditional Latin Mass, you will never want to go to any other. It is truly heaven on earth.:yup:

Amen :thumbsup:

Please let us know how it goes.

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