I just found out something, about a loved friend

I have a friend, on Facebook. Someone who has been very kind and generous toward me <…with listening, when I need a shoulder to lean on… concerning family problems>. She isn’t in my day to day life, and lives in another country. So there has been no real contact, outside of this social network. And we only chat, occasionally.

I have just found out, though… that she is a self proclaimed “wiccan”. And specifically describes herself as a “hedgewitch”… whatever that is. A mutual Facebook friend, pointed out to me… her beliefs. Prior to this, I had thought she was a Christian.

Why? Because she observed the Lenten season this year. We discussed it… several times. And furthermore, she knows that I am a believing Christian. Although, I’m not sure if knows… specifically… that I am a practicing Roman Catholic.

Is there any reason… that I should be concerned about maintaining this friendship on Facebook? I have many times… heard of practicing Roman Catholics… who have non-believing friends… and I don’t think this will be a problem, as I’m solid in my faith and in my beliefs. She also, has made no attempt to push her beliefs on me. As I said, I was unaware till just today… of her beliefs.

But I would still appreciate your carefully considered opinions. Thank you and God bless.

Maybe this could be an opportunity to share God’s love with her :slight_smile:

the only time I think such a friendship would be best ended is if a person is not strong in their faith. But as you know that the wiccan religion is not true, imo that is different. I dont know… see what the other posters say :slight_smile:

God bless!

My question is…if you occasionally chat only online and there has been no real contact, why call her a loved friend? You now know that she is a professed “witch”, so you are confused as to whether to still call her a loved “friend”. Be leery about what people say to you on social networks; it is not the best place to have a shoulder to cry on. Go out and meet real friends who *know *you.

It shouldn’t be a problem, since it seems you both respect each others’ beliefs and won’t try to push them on each other. One of my closest friends leans toward Buddhism. Also, is it possible that she’s just messing around? People sometimes put false info on their facebook profile because they think it’s funny (for example, some of my friends jokingly list themselves as married to their closest friends), although this seems to mostly only happen with high school kids. Although, I am concerned that you only seem to know her on facebook. Were you friends before she moved to another country, or something like that? If you only know her online, that seems unhealthy.


Thank you, all… for your responses. I have read each one carefully.

To RosarioD: I call her a “loved friend” for this reason. On the eve of Easter, another “friend”… actually attacked Christianity with full knowledge of my beliefs. Not knowing that my first friend was a “wiccan”… I confided in her. She consoled me privately, telling me that people do this out of ignorance. She then gently advised me to talk to the other friend, and tell her that I was offended by her comments. I did so, and the other friendship survived. She also shares a life situation with me. She cares for her elderly mother. And this shared experience has largely been the basis of our friendship. Our chats are not frequent… but they have been important… from a support standpoint. I have very little day to day support.

Your well intended advice of “Go out and meet real friends who know you”… is not possible right now. I spend 100% of my time, caring for my 89 year old mother… who suffers from severe dementia and other disabilities… which mostly keep us homebound. We’re doing good… IF we can get to Mass on Sunday. Sometimes, I must find care for mother… and go alone. When I can’t find care… I miss out. :frowning: My life is so far from “normal” right now, that I know it is only by the grace of God… that I continue to move forward.

For people in my situation, sometimes a Social Network is the ONLY normal conversation we get. Therefore, it becomes important. Even “Catholic Answers” is a type of social network <at least, portions of it… such as the “Family Life” forum>. And the people I know ARE “real friends”. I have siblings, cousins and former co-workers. I also have others, who I have met thru the network. They also are “real friends”. We’ve shared a lot… everything from births to deaths. Illnesses and natural disasters <tornado relief, etc.>. A few, I have even spoken to on the phone.

I think the general consensus here… is this: As long as my friend does not attempt to force her “beliefs” on me… I can continue the friendship on Facebook. At the same time, I can attempt to give a good example of living a Christian Life. And that this could be for her benefit.

I worry a lot about “getting in God’s way”. But I’m a believer in the notion, that God puts certain people in our lives… for a reason. If nothing else, to make us aware of them… so we can pray for them?

Thanks again for the good advice. God bless. :slight_smile:

Ok…if the basis of your friendship is the common life situation, then your desire to keep her as a friend has nothing to do with her being a wicca because she’s not trying to influence your beliefs. I think you answered your question. God bless you for being a good and diligent daughter taking care of your mom.

While an atheist, I had several Catholic friends. I believe that they may have had some ‘St. Monica’ affect on me! Keep in touch and pray for her.

*God Bless You. And from one caregiver to another, I offer this non-related to the topic, but important (to me, anyway) advice… The one normalcy that you are missing out on is partaking in the Celebration of Mass and receiving the Holy Eucharist. Contact your pastor and receive the Sacrament in your home from one who participates in bringing Communion to the home bound. . You can catch the Celebration of Mass on TV, also, should you have EWTN on your provider. *

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