I just have to ask (female question)

OK, I am just so upset right now, I need to come out and ask this.

is there a patron saint of pms???

Every so often I go through days of really ‘frustration’ and I am crawling out of my skin. Often, a few days later I get my period. So, I am assuming it is pms. The problem is, I am fed up with all these days of being in an unpleasant mood. Sure it is nature, but there has to be something to make it easier.


No, I don’t think so

Sorry, I’m a guy, however, I’ve been married for… well over 20 years so I’ve seen how this time affects my Wife (and occationally have to suffer the time with her :wink: ). Frankly, it’s a hard time to be the “good” person and Mother when you hurt and everythind is all mixed up in the body chemistry. Her patron Saint is St. Gianna Beretta Molla who was a Mother and a medical doctor. Please consider praying to her. Once you read her story and what she went thru for her children… the strength!

Then there is St. Therese of Lisieux - DISCALCED CARMELITE MYSTIC, DOCTOR OF THE CHURCH My she help you to find the little ways to Christ. She suffered terribly towards the end of her life and may she help you to find the strength to endure your suffering.

And as always our Holy Mother, Mary.

Hi Angie -

By “every so often” do you mean every month, every 2-3 months, a couple times a year?

If it’s just a couple times a year, I agree with learning to live with it. However, if it’s happening every month, or even every other month, you should check it out with your doctor. Before your appoinment, track your symptoms and periods on a calendar. That will help the doctor help you.

If the symptoms are fairly recent, that’s another reason to see your doctor.

Have you tried a Health Shop as they stock tablets for these sort of things.

Sorry, should have said this myself; however, I was trying to be sensitive and caring and omitted that one should also consult a medical doctor.

Also, do this before you start trying to self medicate. There can be very serious issues with the reproductive system that some of the OTC items can mask; thus, making it more difficult to receive proper treatment.

Actually, St. Maurice is among the saint invoked against menstrual cramps. No historical reason exists, so perhaps he just had a local history of being very helpful in that area of intersession. St. Dymphna is the patron saint of those with mental afflictions. St. Jerome is famous for having had a bad temper, so certainly he could relate to your trial.

Our Lord of course healed the woman afflicted with hemorrhage for 12 years, so you could appeal to him through meditating what he did for her.

I can vouch for Vitamin B6 for one. Many years back my Mothers Chinese doctor gave her this tip well before it became commonly known. I’m nearly done with my reproductive life but all my female relatives take it. Only start taking it a week before you’re due and stop when you’re on. Don’t take it all the time. It helps both physical and psychological symptons.

I don’t think there is a specific patron of PMS, but you could certainly ask a Saint to pray for your PMS issues. I would bet that in heaven there is no awkwardness about discussing this issue so anyone would be happy to pray for your concerns. :slight_smile:

I believe St Winifred is also invoked against these types of disorder.

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