I just have to share this - from my parish' bulletin

Forgive me for being proud of my parish. The following was part of our parish bulletin and I think it is so awesome I just had to share.

You are invited…

To the banquet of Our Lord

**Place: **xxxxxxx (our church’s name)
**Time: **xxxxxxx (Mass times)
**Date: **Every weekend

Proper attire requested

There will be time for private conversation (prayer) with our host (Jesus) and with the other invited guests (responses, Sign of Peace), singing and a light meal (the Holy Eucharist).

In light of this special invitation we all receive from Our Lord, we are reminded that proper banquet etiquette is expected. We are expected to respond to our host when spoken to, to join in the singing, partake of the meal, and show respect for our host. If you were invited to a banquet hosted by the President of the United States or the Queen of England, what would you wear? Doesn’t Jesus deserve as much respect?

Points to remember:

*]Wait until the Tabernacle closes before you sit down after Communion.
*]Bow your head before the person before you is receiving Communion,
*]Resond “Amen” when the preist of Eucharistic Minister says “The Body of Christ” or “The Blood of Christ”.
*]Please be as quiet as possible when putting the kneelers up and down.
*]Try to maintain a respectful silence before and after Mass.[/LIST]

I think that’s great! We all need to be reminded from time to time how to behave in Mass.

I was at Mass in a different parish last night, and I was so pleased to hear them announce who should and should not partake of the Holy Eucharist. They made it abundantly clear that only Catholics in good standing may receive. They went on to explain how someone who could not receive the Eucharist could make an act of spiritual communion, and that Catholics who are not in a state of grace should avail themselves of the sacrament of confession as soon as possible. I was absolutely amazed at the number of people who remained seated during Communion. I only pray that those Catholics who refrained from receiving follow Father’s advice and line up at the next available confessional.

I am thankful that so many of our priests take their pastoral responsibilities seriously.

I wish more parishes would do this. I think it is a great teaching opportunity.

And I like the invitation, too.

What a great way to improve things. Our parish is doing something similar :slight_smile: for the last four weeks the priests have being giving us some catechesis in Mass. It doesn’t take the place of the homily. It’s been great. When they are done, all the changes are going to be posted in the news bulletin. The priests have gone over things like, remaining quite before and after mass for people praying, proper way to receive etc…I love what they are doing and what’s even better is they are not just listing do’s and don’ts they are giving reasons behind these improvements. Last week the priest said that “we are not teaching you these things for you to sit in judgment of others and point fingers, we are doing this because it’s what the Church teaches as the proper way”. I am looking forward to hearing what they will go over this evening.

We get lazy and too causal. I love the way your parish is going about improvements. That is awesome :thumbsup:

That sounds like a great idea! I am so glad that so many parishes all over seem to be nudging us all in the right direction. I offer my thanksgiving for this for the Holy Father and all parishes and priests around the world. :slight_smile:

That’s very tactful and elegantly done. I love it!

Well said. :slight_smile: are there more parishes doing this? I was wondering that when I saw your OP. That would be great.

Grace and Peace,

Wonderful! :thumbsup:

We’ve got a problem here.

I just committed the sin of “envy.” And you instigated it with your post. Now you’re as guilty as I am…see ya in the confession line.

Aside from that though, that’s a great bulletin posting. Tell your pastor to keep up the good work and to pray for the parishes where stuff like that is missing.

What a nice way to bring about a bit more reverence, I too have committed the sin of envy.

Maybe I can make a copy and bring this to my parish as it seems very appropriate.

Thank you and
God Bless

And to think that our Pastor is taking flak for having the audacity to suggest that Eucharistic ministers dress appropriately! Such a notice in the bulletin is solid teaching, and a loving reminder.

As a culture, we are bankrupt! As lovers of Jesus Christ, we are unfaithful. As guests at the banquet, we are boors. When invited up front, we prefer to hide in the back. Why are our watches and cell phones suddenly so important? Our attention span is, well…, what was I talking about? Then, after receiving the spiritual food and drink that nourish and sustain us-purchased at extremely high cost, we head straight for the door to avoid rush hour.

Lord have mercy on us, a corrupt generation.

That is just fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

I wish they would do something like this at my parish.

That was so wonderful I printed it out. My priest will love this. It fits right in with his personality. For ever now it seems, that right after Communion people leave, so last week right after he concluded his homily, he made this statement. “There are alot of announcements and because there are so many who leave Mass early, right after Communion and miss them, I decided to read them off Before Communion”. No one left Mass early that day.:thumbsup:

:smiley: that is funny! One of our priests did the same thing. Yesterday evening at Mass we received in our bulletin all the improvements they gone over. It’s long, two pages :eek: I haven’t had a chance to read it through completely but from what I can see so far I agree with 100%. ! One thing that stood out on the page for me is EMHC since I just recently signed up to be one. My training is this next weekend.

Anyway, I guess our Bishop has requested that we (EMHC) are to simply place our hand at the persons forehead and to not say anything and that this is not a blessing. He asked for the priests to inform parishioners that if they wish to receive a blessing, to get in the communion line of the deacon or the priest.

I’m really glad they are doing this.

Sorry about that! :slight_smile: I pray all parishes will start to make this “change” - although it isn’t a change - it’s how it should be!

From the looks of the other posters, it seems like my parish isn’t the only one! Yay! :thumbsup:

Wait until the Tabernacle closes before you sit down after Communion.

I’m not happy about that part. No kneeling after reception of communion? What a shame!

Or am I reading that wrong and there is kneeling because that is awkwardly worded if the posture is kneeling?I’d say remain kneeling if you are able until the tabernacle door closes, perhaps.

They must have meant it the other way, because everyone there kneels after Communion - it’s just some that sit before the Tabernacle closes, and they just wanted to remind everyone that you are supposed to remain kneeling until it closes…

In my diocese, people were instructed to stand after receiving Communion and remain standing until the Tabernacle is closed.

“With our “host”, Jesus”:shrug: . Move over Ed Mc Mahon.

These people need a lesson in Latin. “Host” is the English for the Latin word, “hostia” which means VICTIM.

The “Sacred Host” is not the “host of the party or gathering”…but the Sacred Victim offered in sacrifice.


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