I just made an atheist speechless


I have this friend that is my classmate in my old school now he is on the different school.
He converted into atheism. And a minute ago i have a debate with him, its like Im doing a french defence in Chess. Because he is the one who made the first move. I told him everything with all the power of my faith and I feel like God gave me this words to win a debate like wow thanks Father you always got my back! I hitted him with a final blow with this bible verse Mark 9: 19-21. He felt silent and cannot speak a thing. I hitted him with a bonus blow to come back to the house of the father because our almighty father is waiting for him. He was really aggressive on this debate.
I’m sorry I just really wanna post this I’m just really proud that this is my first decisive victory on my crusade on atheism.


Seems you make a wonderful apologist, Hope you continue to do so.


I don’t understand how the scripture you quoted contradicts atheism?
or did you have a long drawn out discussion and this was just the end?


Well done! :smiley:


Congratulations on winning a victory for Christ :slight_smile:


Okay, you know there’s not such thing as Atheism right? There is the plural of atheist, called Atheists. But there is no -ism to being an atheist. It’s a single position on a single question. Are you convinced or believe that the supernatural exists? If you say, No, then you’re an atheist. Now what is that person’s political position? world view? dogma? tenants? anything else about this person at all? You can’t get anywhere else after that with this person because none of that other stuff relates to the identity of someone being an atheist.
Just like the jury members at a trial that find the defendant Not-Guilty. They were not convinced by the presentation and arguments and evidence that the prosecutor put forth for why the prosecutor believes the defendant is guilty. Okay, now are these jury members all following the world view of “Not-Guilty-ism”? Can you tell me anything at all about anyone of them, their political views? Dogma? World view? Tenants? etc? No, No you can not.
There are world views that tend to have more atheists in them, like skepticism, philosophical naturalism, etc. But you can still be religious and spiritual and be apart of these world views as well.


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