I just read my first encyclical


Hi everyone! I just read my first encyclical - Humanae Vitae. It took me about 55 minutes to read it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and intend to read more encyclicals in the future. :slight_smile: I highly recommend that anyone who has not read this encyclical should read it as soon as possible, especially those who are married. :thumbsup:


It’s a great encyclical, and not that long or difficult.


Yeah I found it to be the same. :slight_smile: A friend of mine said that just about all encyclicals are about the length of Humanae Vitae. Is that true? :shrug::confused:


No, some are much longer.


I usually wait until the movie comes out, or I wait until someone like you has read them, and discusses them on the forums!:smiley:


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