I just received a Kindle

I love it!! Anyone else have one? What do you think?

I have thought about getting one for a while now. Did you get the Kindle 2? How much do books cost on average?

I am not sure how I would like it. I am one of those people that are always looking a head to see how much further I have until the end of the chapter, or the book. Seems like it would be hard with an electronic book. But I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on books and the kindle would (in the long wrong) save money.

God bless

Yes, I got a Kindle 2. I buy an average of around 90 books a year and my longsuffering wife has had it with books overtaking the basement. Now I just click the mouse and a book pops into the Kindle.

I haven’t had it long enough to do a commercial but so far so good. One of the first things I downloaded was the Bible. I think the books I’ve loaded were about $9.00 on average.

My wife is ecstatic already.

I would lose something like that too easily. Plus, I like the specific art per book.

I really want one, but I keep checking the WhisperNet coverage, and there’s a giant gap all around my area, lol. I don’t really relish the thought of having to download to my computer and transfer things manually. :shrug:

But I love the idea of fewer books clogging up the house!!

I like to highlight too much. :o

Yeah, me too. :o

I’ve never seen a Kindle, but according to its website, you can highlight and add notes to any book. And remove them too. At least in the Kindle 1, but imagine it would be in the Kindle 2.

What I am not sure of is whether you can see the highlighting when you leaf through the book later, or if you can only see highlighted text on the review page.

Highlighting and Noting Passages

You can highlight text or take notes in Kindle the way you would use a highlighter or pen on paper. Everything you highlight and note is also added to your “My Clippings” file that appears on your Kindle Home screen.

To highlight one or more lines: Scroll the cursor to the first line that you want to highlight and press the select wheel. Select “Add Highlight.” from the menu to mark the beginning of your selection with a horizontal line. Scroll to the end of the passage you want to highlight and press the select wheel. You will see a box around your passage.

To remove a highlight: Scroll to any line in the highlighted passage and press the select wheel. Choose “Delete Highlight” and press the select wheel. The box will no longer appear around the passage.

To add a note: Scroll anywhere in your content and press the select wheel. Select “Add Note” from the menu that appears and use the keyboard to enter your changes. When you have finished, scroll to “Done” and press the select wheel.

To edit or delete a note: Return to a note and press the select wheel. Then, choose “Edit Note” or “Delete Note” from the menu to carry out the selected action. When navigating through your reading material, passages that contain notes will be identified by an icon in the right margin depicting text on a page.

To view your highlights and notes: Select “My Notes & Marks” from the menu to display all marks you’ve made in a particular book or other reading material. Each entry will show the location number, then your highlighted passage, and then your notes. You can turn pages in this file just as you would in a book. To select a highlight or note and view the marked section in your reading, scroll to the desired item and press the select wheel. If you wish to return to the location where you were reading before activating the My Notes & Marks view, simply press the Back button.


I always do that, too. I don’t think I would like it. I like to have the actual book.

I just got a Kindle 2 as a gift and I really like it. Much to my surprise, I prefer reading the newspaper on it. There are no downsides to it except I wish it came with a protective case. Most books seem to be $9.99 but there are a lot of bargains on the classics which are under $3, some even under a dollar.

Kindle owners–I just downloaded the Kindle 2 Cookbook for 3.99. It is not a cookbook but a good guide to getting the most out of your Kindle. It goes beyond what is in the Kindle manual.

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