I just relized that the bank I bank at is on the boycott list


I just realized that the bank I bank at (Bank of America) is on the boycott list. Do I need to change banks? What car companies are on the boycott list? How do I avoid all the companies that support abortion when there’s so many?


First of all, you state your bank is on “the” boycott list. Well, there is no one universal boycott list, nor is boycotting required in any way, shape, or form by the Catholic Church.

Formal or material cooperation in sin is something serious-- but any cooperation in the case of the bank giving money to offensive causes would be very, very remote. I don’t think it’s possible to boycott everything that is offensive unless you grow your own food, weave your own cloth, and get off the grid and homestead.

If you are going to boycott, you need to be specific, write to the company and tell them WHY you do not shop/bank/do business with them and what it would take to make you change your mind.

I presume you are referring to one of the boycott lists put out by pro-life groups. BOA is on several. So is Wells Fargo and most of the other major banks.

If you feel you have a viable alternative and want to boycott this particular bank-- then open an account elsewhere and write to BOA’s corporate office/CEO and Board of Directors (not the customer service group, which could care less why you close your account) telling them why you are closing your accounts.

I have boycotted businesses in the past, and still do when I feel called to do so. But when I do, I write and call to tell them I’m boycotting and why.


Who cares what is on a boycott list? The only thing I’m boycotting is boycotts. I’ll bank at any bank I please, buy coffee at Starbucks, maybe have that quarterpounder at McDonald’s buy something at Target, be in the market for a Ford (if they built a better vehicle) etc. etc. etc.


i am sorry… so u will still go to Walmart so that it keeps growing bigger with all ur money while exploiting its employees so that it slowly squeezes out the other retailers who r trying to do the right thing… so that ultimately we r left with a monster…

so u have no issues with feeding a monster… good 4 U!!!:mad:


I go with what suits my budget, not where others tell me to go. If they were really exploiting their employees the employees could just pick up en masse and find jobs with other retailers to give Walmart a signal. I DON’T boycott companies.


I’m all for boycotts, though I do think we sometimes have to choose our battles. For example, I try to alert every group I know who support the Susan G. Koman “Race for the Cure” because they obstinately continue to donate a portion of their money to “Planned (Banned?) Parenthood.” The irony is that the ‘Race’ is s’posed to fight breast cancer, and the evidence is overwhelming that abortion and hormonal contraception cause breast cancer!! Good grief-The S.G. Koman Fndn. could not have made a worse choice!! Of course secular sources will continue to deny the facts on this and even try to tell you contraceptives are good for the body. The devil at work…
Anyway–boycott where you can. The Lord knows you are trying to make a difference–that’s what counts. God bless you for using your God-given conscience!!


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