I Just Signed Up For the RCIA Program!

Hi all,

Today I went to the cathedral and spoke to the Deacon, who is the director of the RCIA program. He asked me some questions about my faith background. I told him that I was baptized Episcopalian but have been attending a Baptist (Southern Baptist) church recently. It was really nice and he told me that while the church wants me to join it, it has to be my decision and not based off of guilt or anything like that.

Best of all, he gave me a devotional book of catholic prayers, a Catholic bible, a guide to understanding the catechism, and a pamphlet on the RCIA program. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome! Best of wishes as you discover the Faith!

Wonderful! Praying for you and your faith journey. :slight_smile:

Awesome! The Holy Spirit is calling you into the Catholic Church. Welcome Home. Be sure to bring us your question, issues and concerns and let us know how you are doing. :grouphug:

Congrats and good luck on your journey. :clapping::heaven::blessyou:

As Scott Walker would say, “Molotov.”


Welcome. Enjoy the journey.

Good luck in your spiritual journey!

Why would a priest mention immediately about joining because of guilt? It seems like an odd thing to say, question, ask, and comment.
Do many people join the Catholic church because of guilt??
What did he mean by that??


Somebody has been watching too much politics!

Jk I’m watching the debate too. :smiley:

You found yourself a rare deacon, you are fortunate, welcome home.

This deacon and I have known each other for a while and he said that he didn’t want me to join just because I’m friends with him or because I befriend someone else at the church. His basic message was just that I shouldn’t feel pressured to join and that it was my decision.

That’s wonderful! Though you are just beginning the journey, I extend an early welcome home. I will pray for you.

Really? Wow, thank you.

The deacon also said to start researching saints because I will take a saint’s name when I am confirmed.

I may suggest to you, as you begin your journey home, praying the Rosary as your schedule allows and also joining the Confraternity of the Rosary when you are initiated into the Church. The only obligation is to say a complete rosary every week, as in all 15 mysteries throughout the course of a week and not necessarily sitting down and praying them all in a row. The Luminous mysteries are a recent addition and are very spiritually beneficial but are optional. The Rosary is an extremely beneficial prayer and the Confraternity is an extremely beneficial group to be in.


Here’s an article if you’re interested.

Again, welcome home! It always brings me joy to see the numbers of the Church increasing. Thank God for this grace!

Congratulations. What a wonderful friend he is to you!
Don’t let people’s odd comments rattle you.
Be blessed. be assured of our prayers.

This is wonderful news to hear.

I will gladly pray for you Alex

Blessed be God Forever

Oh, okay.

Still, that doesn’t sound like “guilt” to me. I’m surprised he would use that word.

And…that he would think someone would convert their religion and change their entire life just because their friend was in that religion.
But I guess he’s seen it happen, else he wouldn’t have mentioned it!


I think I understand what the deacon was getting at…Truth. There is only One True Church and that is the reason you should be entering the Church that Jesus founded, the Catholic Church. Forget about the guide to understanding the Catechism…just get the Catechism and read that as you would the Bible. God’s Word comes to us through Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the teaching authority of the Catholic Church. Welcome Home and prayers for you on your journey to the Church that Jesus founded, the Catholic Church.

I wish you the best and you will be in my prayers Alex H.

God bless.



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