“I just want to be somebody someday:” Tuxedo walk helps young boys march to a better future

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Powerful words were spoke by a community leader who is working to make a difference in the lives of at risk African American men on Saturday, December 13th.

“We need to show our youth there’s more to life than the streets,” said Joe Davis, Milwaukee Alderman and Mentor.

The organization “We Got This!” held a tuxedo walk for 50 inner city African American boys.

The young men are learning how to be gentlemen. The We Got This! group’s main mission is to show at risk boys there’s more to life than the streets.

“It’s bad in our community. We want to stop the violence, no more violence,” said one of the boys, Michael Coleman.

In a community where police lights are prevalent and shootings occur regularly, mentors like Joe Davis are working to better the young men’s lives.

“This is just a small way to get them on a good path to help them understand there is a proper way of dealing with that trauma but there’s always adults here that actually going to have their backs that want them to do good,” said Davis.

So today, each boy was given a quick hair cut and a tuxedo.


Thank you, Jesus!

This is beautiful. What a wonderful thing they are doing for these boys.

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