I just want to relax!

Sometimes I just want to turn off my brain and relax by watching something on television—but there’s NOTHING to watch!

Seriously, there are like 700 channels of nothing but porn and swill. The house-and-garden channels are constantly featuring homosexual ‘couples’ and unmarried people living together. Even the ads they jam in between breaks on seemingly-harmless travel programs are disgusting for the most part.

I end up watching cartoons and cooking. I think there was more decent fare to watch when all we had was four channels and an antenna.

We lost a lot of ground when we didn’t protest indecency at the start.

So turn off the TV, listen to some music.

I find Monk and Psych relaxing, but really tense dramas [24, Dr. Who] get me more energized than when I started. There are a few comedies that lighten my mood [Scrubs, Earl], but when I really want to let care melt away, some good celtic [Altan] or Jazz [Madelaine Peyroux, Eden Atwood] take me where I want to go…

An alternative? Books?!!!:smiley:

Yeah, I’ve heard of music.

Doesn’t cut it. I’m specifically complaining that too many of us abandoned the cultural wars and now the enemy has taken every inch of ground.

I just want to watch some decent television shows and not be assaulted by Satan’s teleprompter during commercials. Apparently, those days are over and done with.

Try Bear Grylls (that’s a guy) in Man Vs Wild on Discovery. 10pm Eastern time on Monday.

Guy surviving on his own in mountains, rain forest, ect…Very captivating, exciting, sometimes bizarre. And you’re learn a lot.

My teen son and I watch and it’s totally amazing TV…

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe, Discovery Channel (although, his double-entendres can push the envelope sometimes)

Good Eats, Food Network

Mythbusters, Discovery Channel

Ace of Cakes, Food Network

These are the shows that I can’t skip through and my kids can always watch.

I’ve watched and enjoyed Bear Grylls and Mike Rowe both (though I agree about those double-entendres).

Neither one’s exactly dinnertime fare, though. :smiley:

If you can find it, you might try “Corner Gas”, a Canadian TV show. It isn’t exactly G rated, but it’s not much worse than that. We get it on WGN(?) late at night and have to tivo it. (Isn’t it funny how “tivo” has become a verb?)

I hear you!

That’s why I spend more time watching DVDs than regular TV. I can control exactly what I watch, and I don’t have to worry about commercials. That way I don’t have to worry when “nothing is on,” which is increasingly the case.

We need to start demanding more decent entertainment, and less garbage–including the commercials.

Not unless you like eating bugs and talking about poo:D

We watch both of these shows, but don’t usually let the kids watch dirty jobs, unless it’s one I have already seen and know that it’s okay, because of his comments. Have you ever heard him sing? I was totally amazed!
We like mythbusters too!!

History Channel
Discovery Channel
The Learning Channel
EWTN - Catholic Channel
Fox Sports
Cartoon Network

I don’t watch as much TV as I used to. The only network show I am watching this year is “Lost” and “House”.

Not for real—just sort of joking along, I think?



He has a beautiful voice. He sang National Anthem in one episode, he was working at a ballpark for the day. I don’t know if you can still view it on the website or not, but I think it’s worth a look. If I remember correctly he sang professionally at one time.

I read that, too—just never heard him sing ‘seriously.’

Come on Sailor, you don’t like watching a guy eat spiders and drinking his own urine (he was out of water, I hope)…

Get a VCR for $40. Tape only the shows you like and fast forward through the commercials. I’ve been doing it for years. If an episode of something that I normally watch is a problem I use the handy rewind button and go do something else to unwind.

Seriously, your righteous indignation won’t change millions of dollars in advertising, or in shows that plenty of other people watch, but it might give you high blood pressure or an ulcer if you get this riled over something you cannot control. Control what you can, which is your consumption. Otherwise, your statement about wanting to relax is just the excuse for a rant which you have the right to do but it certainly won’t relax you.

Yeah, thanks for your charitable response.

This is ALL our faults, for allowing popular culture to shove increasingly disgusting and immoral shows and ads down our throats. To abandon a battlefield is cowardice, and I do not intend to abandon this or any other battle.

I don’t want anyone’s kids exposed to this garbage, and if you do, that’s fine.

Just don’t tell me it’s a ‘rant’ to want popular culture to reflect decency for a change. It isn’t just about me, as some people on this thread have been able to discern.

You are right, it is all of our faults that there is so much trash on t.v.! We all have stayed quiet and filth has taken over! We are getting rid of our dish and getting a different one with only the family package! We are very picky about what we watch as a family, but while watching a family show, the commericials are just as bad, if not worse, then some of the other programs on. So one of us has to sit with the remote and turn it off during the commericials.
It didn’t use to be this way and it says a lot about the sad state of the world that this is the “norm” and most people don’t get upset.
Great, now I’m “ranting” too. Guess I had better try to relax before I get an ulcer!

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