I keep thinking that i am going to hell


Have you ever had moments where you thought when you die you were going to hell??
For some reason for the past hours i have been reading articles online where people experience hell and that they didn’t believe in God before they died.
But i go to church as often as i can. I love Jesus and God with my whole heart. He has blessed me with so much. Sometimes i feel like after all the worship and praying everyday. I don’t feel close to him. He never really spoke to me, In a dream or anything. If God never speaks to you in a dream or anything does that mean you are far away from him?
I live a simple life. I am 24. I cannot afford to move out of my parents house yet. I flunked out of college so now i work in department of corrections. I don’t have enough friends. I have alot of weakness. i have a big family.
i always read these stories about miracles and that they always dream about their dead love ones. I never had a dream about any of my love ones who had past away. Sometimes i feel left out.


Isaiah says, “I** was thinking: ‘I have toiled in vain, I have exhausted myself for nothing.’ And all the while my cause was with God, my reward with my God**.” [Isaiah 49:3-4]

For “the Lord is not being slow to carry out His promises…but He is being patient with you all, wanting nobody to be lost and everybody to be brought to change his ways.” [2Peter 3:9]

“Be patient…until the Lord’s coming. Think of a farmer, how patiently he waits for the precious fruit of the ground until it has the autumn rains and the spring rains. [James 5:7]

Saint Padre Pio wrote, “Be certain that the more a soul loves God, the less he feels it…God is incomprehensible…so that the more a soul enters into the love of this Supreme Good…this sentiment of love towards Him seems to diminish, to the point of seeming to love Him not at all…Say rather that you love, and that you wish to love with a perfect and consummate love. This good cannot be obtained in its completion except in the next life!”


You do not describe a life deserving of hell. I ask God to deepen your trust and to give you peace.

O Silent God
God, we pray to You for others and ourselves, and sometimes it seems, if only for a time, a time of awful pain and loneliness, that no one is listening, that You are not there.

Many have turned away, disappointed and bitter, that You have not answered their urgent prayer, their painful need for self and for others. There is no satisfactory human answer to their challenge, whatever one might say of Your ways, Your time, because their anguish or their anger is the reality they experience.

Dear God, You need no reminder, but my humanness leads me to remind You that we are human in our minds and hearts and bodies. We have little or no actual sense or knowledge of ourselves as spirit. If You do not touch us as human beings living in a physical world that we acutely experience, then who can blame anyone for losing faith and hope in You. I cannot blame those who do…but I pray for them with all my heart and life.

O silent God let us hear Your voice in the words of others, and let us be Your love spoken to them. Yet may I ask that You also speak directly to their hearts and minds with unmistakeable Love even where we cannot detect the action of Your Spirit in others. Speak to them in their last moments, if not before.

Please be mindful of our needs, and nurture us as we pray and seek Your healing and care. Embrace all who have lost their hope in God and prayer.


thank you now i see the pic


Cry of the poor
God, I cry out to Your heart and power in so many ways, while trying carefully to understand Your ways graciously.…my prayers are primarily, “the cry of the poor” of an ordinary, fallible person, seeking to intercede for others and trying to be good.

And yet, our God, am I not mistaken in my accustomed poor appraisal of myself? I am created in Your image! You have astonishing love for me and for each person, therefore I, and they, are surely astoundingly beautiful and good! You wish to give so much! Then, let us receive!

Love, Trishie


Going to Church and praying are a good start and you said you love Jesus and God with your whole heart. Believe me He knows this, for He can see inside our heart.

Just because you don’t dream of loved ones who have passed doesn’t mean that you are going to hell. You have said you are very blessed. It must be that God has blessed you in many ways.

I can honestly say in my past I had doubts. Then I started to read Gods Word and Study it more and more and I asked the Holy Spirit to come into my life and to guide me, to help me undestand The Bible more.

As I truely opened myself up to the Holy Spirit and began to really read the word of God, with much prayer, I knew then, that I was human with faults, yet I had to listen to God. Sometimes God doesn’t always answer our prayers as fast as we’d like Him to, yet He does answer prayers in His Time not ours.

Try getting into a Bible Study with other Catholics, this may help you a great deal. If you don’t know very many people, ask the Priest at the Catholic Church you go to.

I’ll keep you in my prayers that the Holy Spirit will guide you.


I know sometimes when i pray for others, he answers. Like for example my father is old and bitter, doesn’t know how to take care of himself. my father is really overweight and letting him be overweight is ruining him.
Well i prayed to God to help him lose weight and it happened. My father has loss alot of weight. and it didn’t hit me till the 3rd week my father told me he lost alot of weight and then i thought " didn’t I pray about that?"


You should stop reading about Hell. You are obviously aware that it exists and that you don’t wish to go there. You appear to be doing all the right things to avoid it. Why read something that is going to scare you unnecessarily?

I have never had a dream about Jesus. He has never “spoken” to me either when I’ve been asleep or awake. I dream on occasion about my former employer who passed away, but others, whom I loved dearly, do not appear in my dreams. Who knows why?

However, God does speak to me in many other ways. He is visible to me in other people. He is quite present and LOUD in the Scripture readings at Mass. I hear His voice in the homily. I feel His presence in a great Beethoven Symphony or a Mozart Concerto. A perfect peach on a summer day is the voice of God saying “see how much I love you - I made you this peach!”

I’ll tell you what - if I actually HEARD the voice of God, I’d shake in my heels! If He showed up in my dreams, I might not want to wake up!


Like others have said, it is not good to dwell on the thought of hell, especially if you are living a moral life. If you are receiving the sacraments regularly, praying to God and following the will of God the best you can there isn’t much else you can do.

Sometimes, thoughts of this nature occur when we have done something bad in our past that we just can’t seem to forgive ourself for. Even if its something that we’ve asked for forgiveness in the sacrament of reconciliation and knowingly received God’s forgiveness. I don’t know if that’s the case here with you, or if you just heard some horror stories and were scared in this way which does happen but have faith in Christ! For love casts out all fear!


There was a time, not even all that long ago, really, when I not only thought I was going to hell, but I sincerely welcomed the idea. I was angry at a lot of things during that time, including God for what felt like a failed spirituality.

Again, as Trishie said above, you don’t appear to describe a life deserving of hell. Alot of what you’re experiencing at 24 is what I continue to experience at 26. I continue to live with my parents, but I provide for them and with them as best as I can considering my financial situation. If you’re not already doing this, it’s a good place to start. As author Peter Kreeft says, loving God and honoring father and mother are truly the central commandments because from them follows everything else.


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