I killed an animal :(


There was a house lizard that always sneaked out and eat our food when the lights is off. Every morning it would stay in the sink and did not bother to move away even when I splash it with water. I became angry and swept it with a broom until it dropped to the floor. Then I smack it a little so that it felt dizzy. Then I swept it onto a dustpan, threw it into my toilet and flush it down the drain. Afterwards, I felt guilty as if I had sinned. What should I do? :frowning:


It was being a pest, so it was justified in a way.


How big is it?
Did it stuff up the toilet?
I’ve whammed mice with the broom.
Their urine and droppings carry diseases.


My father (a farmer) taught me to never kill anything out of anger ,even if it is a pest .
You didn’t sin as far as I know,but just next time perhaps catch it and let it go in the garden (seeing it was a lizard,how cute!) Mice are going to keep coming in,so that has to be a more permanent removal.


Yeah, Scarlett. Lizards are cool! :slightly_smiling_face: They eat insects, and a lot of them are cute so I like them. Mice are kind of cute, but they can carry disease and are pests :mask:. I’d much rather a lizard come into the house to eat any insects that come in (like silverfish… yuk!).


What’s done is done but ask God to put your mind at rest if you feel you need to, the priest may well tell you it’s not a sin so speak to one next time you confess. Perhaps give a little one off donation to an Animal charity and next time put any lizard out the door perhaps with a dustpan and brush or somethin.

Its ok to get rid of pests but always try and be as humane as you feel is reasonable possible. Again though that last bit is just my opinion I know plenty good Christian folk who will swat a wasp etc. I did something similar to you when I was a kid and I know exactly how you are feeling. God loves you and will give you peace. Xx


i wouldn’t worry about it

wild animals that become a pest/nuisance to humans sign their own death certificate

you did nothing wrong


Pray to Almighty God that Mr. Lizard’s carcass doesn’t back up your plumbing. Its expensive enough declogging it with a snake, if you have to dig up the yard or your basement, its a real expensive hassle.

Next time you commit herpetocide, just put him in a plastic bag and dump the carcass out with the trash.


I would’ve smashed him with my foot and thrown him outside. The raccoons like a treat :smirk:


Yeah, we have a pest control service that comes in every three months. The mouse incident I referenced was the reason we contracted them.
Now we got ants, but I feel no guilt smushing an ant.

There’s something about killing vertebrates that makes us squirm.


You can eat the raccoons.


Precisely! That’s why I fatten them up first :frowning:


I better find some things for you to eat.


And really, think about it, OP: if you are an omnivore, then animals are constantly being killed so that you can eat them. I know that sounds harsh, but it may help you to put this in perspective. And a cow, a lamb or a pig is far more intelligent and closer in the grand scale to humans than a reptile. I would think their deaths would be far more upsetting. BTW, yes, I am an omnivore.


PETA would argue that you should be put in front of a firing squad. :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t sweat it!!!


Yes you can. But we have them here in Pittsburgh, they are pretty quick.

A possum is a lot easier to catch. They just sort of sit there and look at you like you’re stupid.


Thou shalt not Kill.

If you could have let the poor lizard out the window or door, that would have been an ACT OF MERCY.

Saint Francis of Assissi would never have killed even one animal unnecessarily.

It was an unnecessary kill.
The kill was not in self defence.
The kill was not to protect you against the creature (eg:
Mice traps are often the only way to get those vermin out of the house).
It was not a justified kill: hunting for food (years ago people had to hunt for food).

Please confess this.

And also: the hunting community who kill animals for ‘sport’ as a ‘hobby’ is basically murder.
Satanists regularly torture little animals as part of their satanic rites because causing pain to animals unecessarily, and killing animals unnecessarily, is a great offence to God who created all creatures.


Is this a troll post?


Pope Francis stated: ‘Don’t cause animals to suffer and die unnecessarily.’


Assuming the OP was reacting in the moment, and was not taking joy in or premeditating pain to the lizard, this is not a mortal sin.

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