I know cloning humans is morally wrong, but why?

Hi, I’m doing a project for my AP English class, but I am also a Catholic and I really want to know the Catholic views on cloning humans. I also have a survey that I need 85 people to take, and if anyone here can answer my first question and/or take the survey, it would be of great help to me.
Here’s the link:
Thanks in advance for any help.

First, cloning is not just designed to make a genetic copy for no reason.

There is therapeutic cloning which is horrible. The purpose of the clone is to provide spare parts for the original against his or her will. Normally, when an organ is transplanted from another person, their body will reject it as foreign material. You would need to be on antirejection drugs for the rest of your life.

Here is a statement from the Vatican:


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I would suggest a few more questions in your survey such as whether one believes all cloning is immoral of animals including for the sole purpose of providing food; or whether only human cloning is immoral.

Personally I think only human cloning is immoral because it goes against the natural way God created us.

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