I know I cannot received in a Protestant Church, why do I feel like I need to

Why do I feel like I need to receive in a Protestant Church.

Peer pressure maybe?

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I don’t think anyone here is going to be able to tell you why you feel a certain way.


Which Protestant denomination are you looking into?

Also you may need to be confirmed rather than received, depending how the denomination looks at the sacrament.

For instance, during my conversion process, I was received into the Episcopal Church while a Presbyterian friend of mine had to be confirmed.

We both had confirmation years ago as teenagers but my Catholic confirmation “translated” while his Presbyterian confirmation did not. He had to be “re-confirmed” if you will.

It’s likely an apostolic succession/sacramental thing. Like baptism.

Are we sure OP doesn’t mean receive communion?

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Good point!

@Zerg, You definitely shouldn’t receive Communion from a Protestant denomination if you are Catholic.

It’s perfectly acceptable to go in the communion line and cross your arms over your chest to receive a blessing instead of the wafer though!

Please talk to your priest. In the past you’ve expressed scruples and anxiety, etc.

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Perhaps it is time to disregard your feelings, which you recognize are contrary to reason, and act according to what reason dictates.


I’ve always found this an interesting point in the past. If one considers Anglicanism with their ‘closed table’ communion and own Confirmations etc then of course by receiving communion there one would be identifying yourself with that denomination and it’s clear why one mustn’t.
I’ve wondered what the harm would be, if the unlikely occasion arose, in breaking corners off a granary loaf (and having a medicine cup of grape juice!) at a non-denom service as the plates are passed round from chair to chair and it is definitely understood to be a symbol and remembrance of the last supper and nothing more.
I repeat…wondered not done!

You may very have a strong desire for unity. But, unity is not achieved by compromising the fullness of truth. Rather, invite a non-Catholic to mass, counseling them to refrain from reception.

BTW, there are many Protestant communions (Baptist and others) that have closed communion.

Thank you for this forum. I hope that young teenagers who are eager to learn about Christianity will learn from this forum.

I have had my questions answered when I was just a boy. God bless everyone.

In general, one is far more likely to find an open communion, conditioned only by baptism, if that, in Anglican services.

N.B.: generally.

You are being invited, even by separated brethren, to a holy communion with The Lord. In the quiet of your heart, make that communion and pray for Christian unity.

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