I know it's sexual sin, but what kind? :S


I have an extremely embarrassing moral theology question, but I hope you can shed some light on this.

Whenever I roleplay online in certain seedy, obviously unchaste chat rooms (again, I know this part is definitely sin), I often play a female or someone with aspects of both genders. I know there’s definitely lust involved here, but my question is whether this counts as not only lustful, but homosexual behavior (since there are very likely other men at the other end of this conversation). I just want to know whether to confess homosexual activity as well on top of lust.

I roleplay femininely because I desire the feminine, though, so I’m assuming it’s just an expanded version of heterosexual lust… but I don’t know. :frowning: I go to confession often, and I’ve been stepping up my Mass attendance and observance of the Divine Office, but when times get tough, I end up slipping back into this.

I would let the priest sort it out.

No that would be heterosexual lust, unless you’re actually fantasizing about the men. You’re stepping into the female role because of your attraction to women. It’s similar to how lesbian porn is popular among men. Ultimately, it’s not really relevant whether you’re lusting towards men or women anyway, except for the sake of explaining the type and kind during confession.

Either way you can just explain the issue. I have more embarrassing things than this that I’ll have to confess. I’m sure priests hear all sorts of freaky stuff.

Don’t worry about specific labels for your sins, just go to confession and explain what you did to the priest.

!! Exactly… yes, it actually IS like that, because once that feminine element is gone, I lose interest.

True… I suppose I just want to really pin it down though. One priest once simply told me, “You have very complex psychological needs…” I might run down to a retreat center for a bit of clarity :S… I just like to resolve these things.

Like Our Lady of Fatima stated to the 3 children:

More souls go to hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason.

I think you playing with danger here… I understand it’s a lot of fun…
but playing with hand grenades can be fun too… blow up all kinds of stuff…

  you would be better to leave it alone and find somewhere safer to play....

The clarification you seek seems to be more a psychological diagnosis than a spiritual one. A priest would be unlikely to able to provide what you seek in this regard.

FV, I believe you are exhibiting symptoms of narcissism and maybe exhibitionism.

The act seems to be simply garden variety masturbation with an externalised fantasy element. The narcissism comes out by reason of the fact that the woman you are fantasising about is really … yourself (your own anima).

I think a private counsellor would also be helpful for you in addition to confession. You may be deriving a certain subtle “reward” that feeds these weaknesses by publicly posting here.

But I am obviously not an expert, just speaking from experience/intuition.
Good luck.

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